Route to the top

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Route to the top

Little boy doesn’t know why
As much as he tries
He just can’t reach the sky
He climbs the tallest buildings
He rows his boat hoping to reach the place
Where the sea meets the sky
But the sky eludes him
He doesn’t know why, just doesn’t know why

Finally as he gives up and cries
An old man finds him with tears in his eyes
And says, Little boy tell me please tell me why
Why do you keep running after the sky
What is sky, but a blanket for you and I
If you looking for path to reach to the top
As he touches the boy’s heart, he says
The answer lies here, deep inside…


The Sad Child

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The Sad Child

Mother sitting with a child
A piece of paper in hand and tension in her mind
She is sad, she is angry
She can’t understand why
Her daughter won’t try
And learn her lessons for exams
Is it really so difficult – she cries out and asks…

She really wants her child to succeed in life
Have good education, get a good job and lead a comfortable life
But the child is probably too young to understand this formality
Without getting good grades, you won’t succeed – that unfortunately is the stark reality

Her daughter, a seven year old child
Gets scared and begins to cry
And replies…
I study hard and learn my lesson, mother
But get confused while writing the exam- was it this or the other?

She looks at her mother and feels sad
Her mother is disappointed in her and thinks she’s bad
She really wants to do well and make her mother proud
If only her mind would work well in exams and not have so many doubts

She is really a nice girl,
Friendly with all the kids in the park
It’s a shame that she is evaluated on just the marks
Her mom says that not scoring good grades will make her a failure in life
Realizing this, she feels distraught and begins to cry…