my hatred for IPL

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Now IPL has been really annoying me in the recent days. I think the chaps thought that they will mimic the european football leagues n make truck loads of money (they are making truckloads of money, but I hope it stops soon). I mean we gotto be serious here. Clearly ppl don’t give two hoots whether mumbai indians win or delhi daredevils. Half of the “fans” can’t even name 6 players in the starting eleven of their fav teams – its absolutely disgraceful.

Ppl claim it is entertainment – well I want to ask what is entertainment? 3rd grade players hitting classy bowlers mindlessly coz there are 20 overs to bat and 10 wickets in hand OR are they getting entertained by skimpily clad cheerleaders dancing around in their mini skirts. My advice is that dudes (and dudettes … Mind u there are quite a few of those as well) get a life… This ain’t cricket. This is cricket for dummies and wannabies … That’s pretty much about it. I suggest in the next edition of ipl play with a tennis ball and bring the boundary in by 20 meters then u’ll get loads of 4s and 6s that u all mindlessly crave for … Huh!!!


Hello world!

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Well its my first post and just for everyone to know – all opinions conveyed on this blog are strictly personal. I may post some articles or views of others, but that’ll be only if I find them interesting or acceptable …

Anyways I think I am going to enjoy writing my views on random topics here …

I’ll try to scribble in once a day or once in 2/3 days (depending on how much I like it)