The Realization

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The Realization

Shall I take the next step and fulfill
The promise that i made to my lord, what I believe he willed
But there is a voice that’s inside my head that gives me the pain
The suffering that i will bring to these people, is it causing the strain?

Is this the path that was laid down by the lord
is this pain and suffering destined by my holy god
Can my gracious lord cause so much pain
Or i am i blinded by my faith and just thinking of my gain
The afterlife that would fulfill my desire
The end of all my pains that I ultimately aspire

But can my god be so cruel and unkind
To kill his innocent children, he surely can’t have destined
There must be a mistake in my understanding I feel
My loving lord surely can’t kill his children, is his heart made of steel?

Let me stop at once and hold my fire
These people deserve to live and not burn in pyre
This mad destruction was not preached by any of the gods
I bet the priests that spread this hatred are just some frauds…


Oh Life!!!

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Oh Life!!!

Some like their life to be fire
Some like their life to be ice
Some would give up hope and desires
And some would just sacrifice

Some would think it’s destiny
Something that’s god’s design
But some would just stand up and face it
And be a shining white knight

For some the fire of desire
Is something that they feel is right
But some feel that the coldness of ice
Is something that would suffice

O dear friend, O dear friend
Choose wisely the path of your life
For ultimately it’s nothing but a choice
Between the fire of desire
And the coldness of ice…

modern day nursery rhymes

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Jack and Jill

Jack and jill went up the hill so jack could give jill a flower
however jack was a clown,
he made jill frown;
and jill dumped him for another

Dhoni had a little secretary (Mary had a little lamb)

Dhoni had a little secretary
her real name was ‘victory’
and everywhere dhoni took his team to play
she went with them and stayed
but once she missed her flight to england
that was such a shame
it made the team cry night and day
because victory was so far away

Rain Rain Come Again (Rain Rain go away)

Rain rain come again
the sun is causing a lot of pain
the heat is cranking up the brain
little johnny is losing the game
so come again and stop the game

Hello Hello Teacher Have you any fools (Baa Baa Black Sheep)

Hello, hello teacher have you any fools
yes sir, yes sir three in this classroom one topped in literature without reading a book
one topped in arts by conforming to the rules
and one topped in ethics by copying from the book
look how they’re grinning
three silly fools

Humpty Dumpty

humpty dumpty brought a red car
Humpty dumpty took the queen for the drive in his car
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Could not bring the queen back again

The real story of the poem jack and jill who went up the hill

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The poem about jack and jill is nothing but a big fat lie. Imagine how’s this possible – jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water – now who goes up the hill to get water? I appreciate that municipal water supply is erratic but still its foolish to go up the hill anyways to get water. How can you get water on hill top, won’t it trickle down. Is the poet trying to imply that jack and jill were morons who did not understand this simple fact. It may seem so but actually the poet indeed was smarter. Because the way the story ended had a clear message for folks. First jack fell down and broke his crown and then jill went tumbling after. So i think the moral of the poem that poet tried to emphasize was that don’t go up the hill to get any water. The only thing that will happen is that you’ll fall down. Its a rather tragic poem. I believe the story of the poem never happened. It was actually completely opposite. Jack and jill did not go up the hill, actually they stayed on hill top and of course motor was not invented in those days to push the water all the way up. So they had to actually go down the hill to fetch water from the pond below.

They went down filled water and came back home. Now the problem with this was that

1 it was too boring – there was no drama

2. It had no message – except to inspire some one to invent motor so that water can reach their house and

3 most importantly it was bloody difficult to rhyme (i tried).

So the poet came up with the scam of a poem that we all know today. Now i understand that my responsibility does not end just by exposing this scam, i need to fix this.

So i have come up with a better alternate poem –

jack and jill went up the hill so jack could give jill a flower;

but jack was a clown,

he made jill frown;

and jill dumped him for another

– now isn’t it a much more realistic poem. Lovers go up the hill all the time to express love (and to do other hanky panky business – but let’s not get into that). And if the guy gets foolish and does not express his love properly, he gets promptly dumped for another. Isn’t this happening all the time all over the world. I think it is. Now to unfold the real twist in the tale. Ah the suspense thickens. In my poem, the real name of the guy is not ‘jack’ but it’s ‘lack’ – because he lacked the ability to propose properly. And the real name of the girl is not ‘jill’ (what sort of name is jill, anyways! ). The real name was ‘kill’ – because she killed the guy by rejecting him. She took his heart and left him heartless!. I think my poem about lack and kill is definitely more tragic than the silly poem of jack and jill that we have been exposed to for so many years.

Are we having enough fun?

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An interesting thought- are we becoming happier or sadder (or mader – that’s a separate discussion) by the day? Were people happier say 100 years ago than today. I don’t have any survey results ( for those who believe that – in god i believe, for everything else i need data) but i think they might have been. At any rate, adam and eve were, i am definitely sure, happier than most folks today – think about it , no peer pressure, no work related tensions, no jealousy, no worries about how to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd, no fashion faux pax. Life was definitely more straight forward, except for a minor issue of a snake, but hey you need something in life to bring in some spice. My understanding, and the logical thing, is that men (and of course women – can’t forget them, can i? ) worked so hard over centuries to invent new things to ensure that we have a more comfortable life. The life has indeed been comfortable, i agree, but has it reduced our work or made us happier – i don’t think so. I think even with all the technological advancements, we are working harder than ever before. But why? Haven’t the needs been fairly the same- food, shelter, safety, love, respect and self esteem. Even 500- 1000 years ago, folks were trying to meet the same needs. With that in mind and also keeping in mind the technological advances (i know that it means keeping too many things in mind, but don’t we pride ourselves on multi tasking and working on multiple stuff simultaneously), we can deduce that we should have been working less and having more fun. But that’s clearly not happening, is it? Even if say we work only 3 days a week instead of 5-6 days a week won’t we still be able to meet our requirements. Most of us think we won’t but i think that most will. Maybe our ways of having a fun time will change from going to a multiplex to watch a crap movie to spending time with our family or reading a book or taking a walk. The way in which we are aiming to ‘maximise’ the value of each second of our life, i think that soon we’ll forget the joy of taking a leisurely stroll in a park and watching butterflies. Even today if you say that you are going to go to the park to watch butterflies then most parents would think that you are lying and most kids would say how boring/ what a loser. In such a scenario i really have to consider that are we actually having enough fun for which humans have worked so hard for so many years. Or are we just running around like mad chasing things that don’t even matter ultimately.

alphabet dictionary (N-Z)

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N – is for nonsense – anything that you don’t understand, esp. If spoken or written by someone who’s younger or not acknowledged to be as smart as you. If the same thing was written or spoken by someone considered to be very smart then it would be called “philosophy”. Any objections to your/generally acceptably thoughts is also typically referred to as “nonsense”. Philosophical thought to ponder upon – is nonsense the most sensible thing ever?

O – is for opportunity – a situation in life that never seems to presents itself to you but is forever available to the folks who you do not like. For most people it’s a situation which initially seems quite promising but eventually disappears as a disappointment. For many others it’s a situation which you recognize when it’s no longer available. Random shady thought – if you are constantly unable to hear the opportunity knock on your door, maybe it’s time to install a door bell.

P – for poetry – feelings of heart or thoughts expressed in a rhythmic and lyrical format. Something that only some folks seem to enjoy, few seem to understand & appreciate and even fewer seem to produce in the recent times. On many occasions, it’s written by the folks in love for their beloved and or folks in pain after getting dumped by the beloved. Random thought – does a poem ever finish?

Q – is for queen – the wife of king, who has rarely been able to rule the state in recent times, regardless of whether she is the ceremonial head or not. Lately her duties have been restricted to holding tea parties and waving her gloved hand to the masses. Also, refers to the kind of treatment given by a gentleman to his beloved before the marriage (after the marriage most queens transform into evil tyrants, atleast in the eyes of their erstwhile beholder).

R – is for rubbish – anything that is not important to self. Sometimes refers to physical substances, mostly refers to thoughts, ideas and opinions. Typically includes anything that we don’t understand or appreciate like poetry, philosophy, literature, a good advice and other people’s problems. Any criticism to this blog and post would also fall under this category. Philosophical thought – rubbish for some can be a fortune for others.

S – is for singing – exercising our vocal chords to produce (rarely) a rhythmic sound and often a tune-less noise. Something that we all think is our birthright regardless of age, gender and most importantly the talent bestowed on us by the lord. An activity frequently performed while taking a bath. A means of torture esp. If the “performer” (torturer) is a loud and enthusiastic person who incorrectly believes that (s)he sings well. Random philosophical thought – does it make sense to sing from the heart in front of a emotionally deaf person!!!

T – is for time – twin brother of money (that’s why some people confuse the two and say time is money!). Something that we’re always seem to be short of, just like money. But something that we always seem to have in abundance for our “honey”. Something that once gone never comes back, like a fantastic and original thought and a ex-girlfriend who gets married to the man of her dreams. Something that the parents always have for their kids and most kids never really seem to have for their parents. Random philosophical question – if you could travel across time once, would you go forward in time or backwards?

U – is for unique – something that we think, mostly due to our ignorance, is original and one of a kind. Typically attributed to people or thoughts. Most individuals who like to think themselves as unique are nothing but bulk photocopies of an average, currently fashionable personalities. Random thought – artificial beauty is never unique.

V – is for vengeance – a feeling or motivation that drives a few people to the glorious heights of achievement and most folks to the depths of despair and rottenness. A feeling that typically arises when we feel that something (typically love, money or fame) has been unjustly snatched away from us. Random thought – why don’t we get the feeling of vengeance when the most precious thing of all – time – is taken away (by a lousy movie/worthless discussion etc).

w – is for wisdom – something that most of us lack for the most part (if not throughout) our lives. Not to be confused with “wisdom teeth” which occur much earlier. Its something which we cannot have till the time we are in the false illusion of possessing it. For husbands it includes accepting that your wives are always right and that it’s sometimes best not to argue. For young men in love it includes the ability to smartly answer the frequently asked questions of their beloved like – what are you thinking? Or am I looking fat in this dress?

X – is for X’Mas – a time for shopping and vacation towards the end of a calender year. A celebration for the b’day of jesus, celebrated by non followers of jesus more passionately than the followers of jesus. Typically marks the start of a week long vacation for most folks during which they indulge in a number of sins most notably greed and gluttony. Typically followed by a swollen tummy and big credit card bill. Random philosophical thought – if jesus was alive, would he have liked us to sing the b’day jingle containing the lines – many girl friends to you !!!

Y – is for yellow – a color associated with dirty fellas (as the saying goes – yellow, yellow dirty fellow!). The color your teeth turn to if you drink too much coffee or smoke too many cigarettes or don’t brush them properly. Typically associated with light, taxis, butter and lemons. The color of light and the most visible color at night. Random thought – why was the color named “yellow” – it has nothing to do with yelling or keeping low!.

Z – is for zebra – a black and white horse look alike animal. An inspiration behind the pedestrian crossing on roads across the globe. The animal that very few care to remember/think about unless ofcourse they need to think of a word starting with the last letter of the alphabet. An animal that forces random philosophers to think whether it is a black animal with white stripes or a white animal with black stripes (as if it matters either ways!). Random thought – did the lord create zebra to show the beauty that can be achieved by combining the extremes – the black and the white!

alphabet dictionary (A-M)

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A – for apple – the forbidden fruit, a symbol of sin. Eaten by eve and then adam (ladies first). Since then, apple cultivators got into a marketing agreement with doctors and together they proclaimed that “a apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Also prompted isaac to think why things don’t fall upwards. Random question – are apples (symbol of sin) available in heaven?

B – for baby – refers to the class of homo-sapiens who, regardless of age and gender, are showered with hugs and kisses by the ladies and the laddies. The gentlemen in modern times also sometimes refer to their (or at times someone else’s) baby as “babe” (not to confused with babe, the pig).

C – for cat – the animal with nine lives, liked by some and hated by many. Extremely agile when the object of their attraction is milk, can be lazy on most other occasions. Can also be a source of great enlightenment as twain proclaimed – “a man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way”. Random question – can cats learn how to bark?

D – for dentist – some of the most feared folks in the world. The ones with the license to drill in your mouth. The word Dentist could have been derived from the words – dent and sadists as they make a dent in your pocket and mouth and derive sadistic pleasure out of it. Random question – should dental training institutes adopt a tag line – “drill baby drill”? (For definition of “baby” refer to letter “B”)
E – is for eating – an activity some undertake to live and some live to undertake. It involves moving your jaws in a rhythmic manner and savoring the taste of substance in your mouth. The oldest reference to this activity, explains how it led to the first “sin” committed by the mankind(or should I rather say womenkind, also refer to “A”). Philosophical thought to ponder upon – (considering the substances that we eat these days) are we eating the food or is the food eating us?

F – is for football – a round shaped object kicked around by 22 people in a park, mostly unsuccessfully (without reaching the goal), cheered by folks drinking beer on the park or in a pub. A job that leads of truck loads of fame, money and girl friends for those who excel in it and at times death for those who make mistakes. Americans have their own unique version of “football”, the one that requires more shoving and pushing than using either the foot or the ball. Random joke – why don’t females like to play football – because they do not like running around in a park, wearing the same clothes as 9 other females.

G – is for Gold – a precious shiny metal, of special interest to ladies. Slowly losing its popularity to diamonds, but still very popular nonetheless. Found in abundance in some indian temples. Should not be confused with silence, which is also considered to be golden by some.

H – is for homework – punishment given by teachers to their students and their families. Done at home by the studious kinds, done at school (by copying others’) by the naughty kinds and not done at all by the “bunking” kinds. Not to be confused with “housework” that is typically done by husbands and servants. Random thought – if students pay schools for all the school work, then shouldn’t schools pay homes for all the homework.

I – is for idiot – a set of individuals forming a majority in society. Naive and simple minded folks who want to preserve using their brains till the very end in the hope that a time will come that everybody else would have exhausted their capacity to think and then they would be able to rule the world. Random question – are those who believe others to be idiots, bigger idiots themselves?

J – is for joke – a (group of) sentence(s) spoken to an audience describing foolishness of other people (rarely, directed at own self) with an intention to highlight the smartness of the speaker. Some people find it funny and laugh, while most people do not find it funny but still laugh, either out of politeness or to show to the speaker that they have understood the humor behind it. Philosophical thought to ponder upon – is life a joke and are we all a bunch of jokers, doing random things for the entertainment of the god!!!

K – is for kiss – a symbol of showing affection when given by a mother to a child and a method of screening a potential mating partner among adults. A dangerously potent weapon in every casanova’s repertoire. It can take various forms and can involve rubbing noses (eskimo) or using tongue (as popularized by the french and american movies). Some believe that the first kiss they receive from a lover is magic, others remember it as a bad memory and immediately decide to get rid of their lover. Random thought – a kiss that is forgotten serves no purpose!

L – is for love – a feeling of affection towards another, rarely resulting from the person’s behavior, character or nature, and usually as a result of the person’s appearance, fame or money. A feeling that makes a person go blind but still produces a feeling of blissful elation which makes the person feel that everything around him/her is beautiful and rosy. Typically followed by heartbreak or marriage. Random thought – love makes people (with visual powers) go blind and allows people (who’re visually impaired) to see the world in a new light…

M – is for Money – something that allows some to fill their stomachs with food and some to fill their hearts with love and friendship. The proverbial oasis, chased by the most of the mankind throughout their lives, in their pursuit of happiness. Those who possess some of it, want more of it and those who have loads of it, find ways of giving it away for noble purposes or to buy fame. Random quote – money can’t buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery.