Two of a kind (micro-poetry)

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Two of a kind

The chappie and the girlie were two of a kind
Both introverts, both interested in other’s minds
While he dated the girls who read
The guys she dated, were the ones she read…



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She looked into his eyes
But couldn’t express the feelings that she had deep inside
Her life was going on just fine
Till he casually looked at her and smiled

She meant to tell him how much he mattered in her life
But she could not find the right words that would express her emotions just right
As he walked away from her sight, her heart cried –
My words will never mean anything to you, as much as I try
Yours, on the other hand, give meaning to my life

Route to the top

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Route to the top

Little boy doesn’t know why
As much as he tries
He just can’t reach the sky
He climbs the tallest buildings
He rows his boat hoping to reach the place
Where the sea meets the sky
But the sky eludes him
He doesn’t know why, just doesn’t know why

Finally as he gives up and cries
An old man finds him with tears in his eyes
And says, Little boy tell me please tell me why
Why do you keep running after the sky
What is sky, but a blanket for you and I
If you looking for path to reach to the top
As he touches the boy’s heart, he says
The answer lies here, deep inside…

freedom wishes

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Freedom wishes

Finally they yelled we want our freedom
Ruled far too long by the kings and the queen, come now let’s end their kingdom
Eyes full of dreams, minds full of wisdom
Entering a new era with courage in our own beliefs and systems
Dammit we’ll rock the world
Oh we’ll be number one
Man we’ll be someone, for others to learn and follow

Where have those dreams disappeared
Is it too late, I fear
Surely we can’t give up and despair
Happiness for all, my dear
Eventually we will achieve I am clear
So let’s smile on the independence day this year

(P.S. – notice the words formed by the first letter of each line)

The story of two silly monkeys

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The story of two silly monkeys

Two silly monkeys – one fat, one thin
Worked in a circus but all they did was grin
When their turn came to perform
And entertain the crowd
The monkeys did not perform
And left amidst the boos of the crowd

They blamed it on the stage
And the lack of comfort it gave
And how the music was too loud
Which caused them to frown

They cribbed night and day
And complained instead of doing the work the owners gave
Ultimately the silly monkeys were shot
Circus owners considered them a blotch

Two silly monkeys – one fat, one thin
Ended their lives, the fat one thrown in the gutter and the thin one in a bin
The story of two silly monkeys should teach us all
To do their tasks properly or be prepared to be shot


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Why do you want to fight when you can give up and just cry?
Why do you want to resist when its easy to accept and lead a peaceful life?
Why strive for excellence when mediocrity is ok and just fine?

Is it a man making these choices
Or are your choices making you a man?

Mother’s Love

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Mother’s Love

As she looked at him and cried
Bringing out the feelings buried deep inside
But it seems no one would understand
Her little child had transformed into a beast that the society could not stand
So he has been asked to go
To a world where his sins can be atoned
But who can stop the mother from crying
Pouring out her love for the child from deep inside