Month: April 2013

Smiles to give before I weep

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Smiles to give before I weep

Who caused these wounds I think I know.   
His memory lives in my heart though;   
He will not know I am thinking about him   
To feel his wounds fill my heart and grow.   

My little mind must think it queer   
To think about him without him being near   
And feeling the wounds and the frozen heart   
The darkest evening of the year.   

The mind gives heart a little shake   
To ask if there is some mistake.   
The only other sound’s the weep   
Of shattered heart and broken dreams .   

The wounds are painful, dark and deep.   
But I have promises to keep,   
And smiles to give before I weep,   
And smiles to give before I weep.

(Adapted from – Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening By Robert Frost)



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A young boy looks at the blind man
Who’s trying to cross the road if he can
Blind man is tense and scared
As the cars speed by and their horns blared

Boy approached the man and said
I’ll help you out old man, don’t you dread
The traffic on the road right now is heavy
But don’t you worry
Together we’ll cross the road and you’ll be on your way safely

The blind man feels relieved and smiled
Thanks the god for this caring child
The boy grabs the man’s hand
And together they start to cross the road
As they reach the middle he saw
His sweetheart who’s looking frantically for him, deep in her thought
In his excitement he leaves the blind man and ran
To his girlfriend who’s waiting for him as per their plan

The blind man suddenly notices the absence
Of the young boy, and begins to feel tense
Worried about the speeding cars
He stumbles as he senses them coming to him speeding from afar

But then something in him gives him confidence
To cross the road, he trusts his instincts and god’s providence
So what if the young boy has left him mid way
He has his learning, instinct and god’s support to find his own way …

The Strong Willed Child

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The Strong Willed Child

The child sits in her room and cries alone
She just wants to stay at home
Where she is loved and wanted
Not like the school which she thinks is haunted
With spirits that are hell bent to torment her
Calling her names, her classmates tease and mock her

But her parents would not understand her pain
They tell her that she needs to go to school, for education needs to be gained
But what about the nasty kids and bullies
Who make her life a hell, truly

So what if she is not the popular child around
The one who is voted the best and given the beauty crown
Does it mean she needs to be hurt everyday
By others calling her rude names, that echo in her mind night and day

Then she realizes that her mother is right
It’s her life and she needs to fight
There will be people pulling her down with all their might
But the true winners in life are not the prettiest but those who do what is right

She decides she doesn’t need to conform to any group
To mimic all the mean children and be a part of their troop
She’ll focus on her studies and be brave and strong
And will no longer worry about the bullies and be headstrong…