Month: August 2012

Finally a Baba worth following … Baba Aparajith

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India beat Pakistan (again) in the world cup (U-19) and mostly due to the brilliant performance of Baba Aparajith. Ok before you think it’s another one of the shady babas who would have done some shady pooja to help us win, let me clarify that it’s not the case.

Baba Aparajith is a Indian cricketer – a offspin bowler and a useful right handed batsman. You can check his profile at –

Baba Aparajith Indian U19 cricketer

For once he is not like the usual babas that we have been following –

1. Rahul Baba – the future of our country, forty plus year old youth icon, whose claim to fame is to go to poor people’s house and eat all their food (now whenever people in villages hear that he’s about to come to their village they eat all their food – jaldi khana khaa loh nahi toh rahul aa karr khaa jayega)

Rahul gandhi eating dalit dinner

2. Baba Ramdev – perhaps the shadiest of all babas in the recent times. He started off as a yoga guru and then suddenly realized that there is a lot of untapped black money outside india which he needs to have a share in, so he joined hands with anna hazare, and became like jai and veeru (or batman and robin, whichever you like)

Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev as Jai & Veeru and Batman & Robin

A bit more on the shady baba ramdev, he’s been quite popular with females. Esp. one rakhi sawant who claimed that she can charm him. Another character trait of this fellow is that when things get tough (like police comes to get rid of him) he wears women clothes and runs away (definitely very cowardly and shady indeed), some people think that for his future crusades he bought summy leone’s clothes (yes she did wear some clothes in a hindi movie recently) …

Here’s presently Baba Leone (police please note) –

Baba Ramdev in sunny leone's clothes for his next police escape

3. Baba Sehgal – one of the original rapers of India. Unfortunately, he came at a time when Indians did not know about rap music and some fellows confused rap with rape 😦 … his shady villianish looks and hot videos featuring pooja bedi did not help either …

Baba Sehagl - the king of Rap

Anyways enough of the shady babas – let’s hope Baba Aparajith ends up doing better than these and does not well for himself and for the country. Looking forward to having a Baba in the indian cricket team, i bet once that happens, babes (and advertisers) will be all over him … good luck dude and well done in today’s match.


how baby arnab goswami was publicly spanked by madhu kishwar

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There was once a baby boy – his name was arnab goswami. He was an intellectual bore and a rather silly fellow. He believed that he was “the chosen one”. Like Judge Dredd he believed that – ” I am the law”

Judge Dredd

Judge Arnab - I am the LAW

It was all right for quite some time and everybody tolerated his bully behavior. He would call people to talk to him and then let them not speak. If they managed to speak and say something which his teeny weeny brain failed to comprehend, he would start blabbering gibberish and start shouting and yelling. The first time he did that everybody thought that he chappie is a little thirsty, give him a bit of milk and he’ll calm down. Maybe while we are at it, sing him a lullaby. Once some folks started pestering him, he became even worse and started doing it every night. Some people started coming to see it, mainly for 2 reasons –

1. What is wrong with the poor fellow, is he completely a gone case or is there some hope

2. Is it really true that everyday he does this nonsense. There must be some days when he speaks some sense. Come on chaps, we can’t give up, we must wait for the day when he makes some sense…

But alas, some things are never to be … before that day came, when baby arnab spoke any sense, he was publicly spanked by a academic (ooh, it’s too heavy a word, let’s just call her a “teacher”) – Madhu. Now Madhu madam had met baby arnab a few times before “the day”. She tried to put in some sense in him. But the bully baby that he was, he refused to listen and did his drama… he was a bad baby you see…

bad baby arnab

Now teacher madhu was trying hard to be calm and baby arnab was being a total dumb-ass.

dumb ass baby arnab goswami

Personally, i think there are 2 (actually coming to think of it, 3) reasons for baby arnab to get public spanking from teacher Madhu –

Reasons 1. & 2. – Gangs of wasseypur Parts 1 and 2 – which inspired everybody to – “keh ke lunga” (imagine if MMS watches this and calls Narendra Modi and tells him – teri keh ke lunga”, would be real fun – ok now let’s not digress)

Reason 3 – independence day – it seriously does shady things to ppl. For example everybody starts thinking about all the freedoms that they have, like freedom to speak up, freedom to give public spanking etc…

So enpowered with freedom of speech and inspired by Gangs of wasseypur, teacher Madhu did the unthinkable, something that had never happened before… She publicly spanked baby arnab for being a dumbass spoilt brat and in gangs of wasseypur lingo – baby arnab ki keh ke le li … ( to know how, read the links – & ) . Well done, Teacher.  CLAP CLAP CLAP…

Poem on India’s independence (birth)day

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Happy Independence Day India (August 15)

happy b’day to my dearest nation
the one that is often criticized and subject to condemnation
by armchair activists and critics who seem to know it all
but aren’t there things about it that we can be proud of
the smart yet friendly set of people that we are a part of

the pride in our cricket team when we win the world cup
would you get that satisfaction sipping English tea from a porcelain cup
all the things, i agree, are not perfect
but still the love that we get in our country from our people is as good as it gets

so on our country’s yet another birthday let us all rejoice
keep away our petty issues and differences, celebrate and sing in one voice
there is enough time to tackle all issues at hand
but independence day is a day to party and play a loud band…