Month: June 2012

Sania Mirza’s letter to AITA, leander paes & his daddy and Mahesh Bhupati and all “man” kind – all she needs is a bit of attention. Is that too much to ask?

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Sania mirza has written a quite elaborate and detailed letter to AITA, in which she mentions how she has been humiliated as an Indian woman. How she was “put up as a bait to try and pacify one of the disgruntled stalwarts of Indian tennis”  and so on …

The letter needs to be read carefully to understand what she really wanted to communicate through that… here is what I understood from it –

“I feel absolutely thrilled and emotionally overwhelmed to have qualified to represent India at the Olympics in London. I am extremely grateful to the International Tennis Federation for the faith they have reposed in me by giving me a wild card entry that gives me a cherished opportunity to represent my country at the Olympics for the second time in my life.” – all she meant was that Pakistan is a loser country, they don’t have any good tennis players so I am stuck with india. I enjoyed shopping when I went for Olympics the last time. This time Olympics are in London and I have loads of friends there – we’ll party hard, enjoy and do loads of shopping (if only they would have allowed shoaib to play in the IPL, would have got more money for shopping.

NOTE TO SELF – must remind shoaib to change nationality and become a british citizen so that he can also play in the IPL like Azhar mehmood. Lucky bugger. ..

“I have to admit that helplessly watching the sport that I love and passionately play, go through extremely trying times in my country in the last few days and the unusual pressures that I was personally subjected to have left me shaken and disturbed.” – aah finally they are discussing me in the media, my lucky days have come. Hopefully some new endorsements will come my way as well. Let me leverage this, make some hue and  cry and benefit from this situation…

“To Dr. Vece Paes, who has on camera asked me to give in writing about my intention of partnering his son for the mixed doubles event at the Olympics, I would like to point out that my commitment is to my country. For the sake of India I am committed to play with Leander Paes or Mahesh Bhupathi or Rohan Bopanna or Somdev Devvarman or Vishnu Vardhan or any other person that my country feels I am good enough to partner. There should never ever be a question on this although if asked, I am entitled to have my preferences. I will do everything i possibly can to win a medal for Inda.” – Dr Vece Paes – FUCK OFF!!!

“To Leander Paes I would like to point out that Vishnu Vardhan is an extremely talented player, who I had the privilege of partnering. We went on to win a silver medal for India at the 2010 Asian Games, when all the three male stalwarts of Indian tennis had opted to stay away from Guangzhou. I am convinced that he can go one better when pitted with someone as good as Leander as partner. For Leander to consider partnering with Vishnu only if he has a written assurance from me to play mixed (as Vece Uncle has suggested in his television interviews) is, I think demeaning for me, Vishnu and Leander Paes.”  – To Leander Paes – dude don’t be greedy. Vishnu is a good boy, he’s an absolute puppy. He will do as you say. Also, what’s the deal about partnering with me. Get over it dude, I prefer mahesh. Don’t you get it.

“Mahesh Bhupathi has firmly stood by his commitment to play together with his men’s doubles partner, Rohan Bopanna as he genuinely believed it was good for India. However, in the process, he sacrificed the commitment he made to me to try and win an Olympic medal together for India. Each person has his or her own priorities and I would like to believe that Mahesh made his choice  in the best interests of the country.”  – Mahesh is such a darling and such a nice guy. He’s my choice of a partner and my hero. OK Shoaib, don’t be jealous now. I meant partner in tennis, not what you are thinking, you naughty boy.  

“As an Indian woman belonging to the 21st century, what I find disillusioning is the humiliating manner in which I was put up as a bait to try and pacify one of the disgruntled stalwarts of Indian tennis. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH … This kind of blatant humiliation of Indian womanhood needs to be condemned even if it comes from the highest controlling body of tennis in our country.” – why is nobody giving me any attention and more importantly any endorsements. Don’t you know how expensive it is for women to look pretty even as they grow old. Who will pay for my beauty parlor bills. I am a bharatiya naari, I will make loads of noise, just to get attention of the nation. That’s what my gurus – Ekta kapoor, archana puran singh and rakhi sawant have taught me. How I wish I could have video recorded this letter, I could have added a few tears for extra impact…

“I have been fortunate to achieve a career best singles ranking of 27 in the world that has been only bettered by Vijay Amritraj (16) and Ramesh Krishnan (23) even amongst the men in the modern era. I have a career best doubles ranking of 7 in the world, which only Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi have bettered. I am the only Grand Slam champion from India apart from Mahesh and Leander.  I believe I can expect a little more respect from the National Tennis Federation than what has been accorded to me even if they did not think it necessary to send me a simple congratulatory message after I had won my second Grand Slam title 3 weeks ago.” – I ROCK, I AM THE GREATEST TENNIS PLAYER  – WOMAN SACHIN TENDULKAR OF TENNIS – ALL YOU LESSOR MORTALS BOW BEFORE ME… all of you silly boys fighting over me and the big boys of AITA SUCK BIG TIME!!! SHOIAB – let this be a lesson to you. See I’ve still got it and boys still fight to partner me.

“What is even more shocking is the manner in which facts have been misrepresented to the public at large to paint a totally wrong picture in an attempt to justify the breaking up of a team that won second Grand Slam title only days earlier. MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH … SOMETHINGS ON the LINES OF I LOVE MY INDIA… I only seek the blessings of the people of our beloved country. Nothing more.”  – I am such a nice girl, All I want is some money, some attention and some endorsements. Can’t you do that for your fav SANIA – mind you not that girl with similar sounding name, SAINA, SIANA or whatever. LOVE YOU ALL and PLZ DON’T FORGET ME… HUGS & KISSES – esp. to my fav partner Mahesh  ❤