Month: January 2012

naughty and funny jokes (some are for adult readers only)

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Teacher: Pappu, TAMSO MA JYOTIR GAMYA” is shloka ka kya arth hai? Pappu: Tum so jayo maa, mein Jyoti ke pass ja raha hoon.

1White cat pani me gir gyi to paas baithi black cat kya bolegi? socho Scientist ki tarah mat socho Wo myau myau hi bolegi.

Some people just need a hug sometimes… Around their neck… With a very long rope…

2 , 3, 5 – prime numbers, 6 , 8, 9 – composite numbers; munni, sheela,jalebi bai – item numbers

Students raat ko kyu padhte he??………kyu? kyu? . . . . . . . kyuki din me to dhup padhti hai na..!

There are three stages to sex in a person’s life: Tri Weekly Try Weekly and Try Weakly

A Priest is called Father. A Bishop Your Grace. A Pope His Holiness. But But Only a 36-24-36 in a Bikini is called OH MY GOD

You don’t appreciate a lot of stuff in school until u get older… Little things like, being spanked every day by a middle aged woman!

Ek sarabi callgirl k sath SEX karte karte usi k upar so gaya. Just imagine us wakt callgirl ne kya kaha hoga JAGO GRAHAK JAGO

Sex Is The Only Game In This World; Which Is Never Abandoned Due To Bad Light.

HUSBAND &WIFE r like 2tyres of a vehicle If 1punctures,d vehicle cant move further M0ral: always Keep a SPARE TYRE

Share Broker was Busy Reading d Share Prices on TV, Suddenly his Servant came & shouted, Sir ur WIFE fell Down.Man-Sell Her Immediately


women bosses – causing woes to men

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The two dreaded (and unpredictable) people in the life of men are women and bosses. You can never know what to expect from them! Now what if these two folks combine – no, I am not talking about your girlfriend marrying your boss. I mean that would suck as well, but that’s not really the point that I am making – I mean what if you have a woman boss, would men like that? Would two negatives (women and boss) make a positive or would it turn into a super duper bad…

Actually I have never had a woman boss (well never, if you ofcourse exclude my mom who would force me to study or clean my room etc and the female bully in the school when I was a kid – aah the bully, I hate her, I hope she has turned into a fat and ugly woman and her boyfriend/hubby does not take her for shopping/outings). Anyways not having a female boss doesn’t mean I can’t write about one. It’s a democracy and if anna hazare can go on hungry strike then I can post my comments on women bosses.

So what do I think about women bosses – not that I have thought about them much – but I would like to definitely talk about one specific category of women bosses – the MAM brigade.

The MAM brigade – Pain giving hitlers – these are the dangerous types, absolute killers – they ensure that you commit suicide to escape their tyranny. They are absolutely rigid in their way of working and thinking and think that they must absolutely be worshipped. Many insist that they must always be politely referred to as MAM (I think MAM stands for Me Against Men!). MAM would bark out (pun intended) instructions for her doggy (men) and catty (women) subordinates to follow. Doggy subordinates like compulsive dogs they are try to bark back but they can’t so they act loyal and try and follow whatever has been commanded to them. Ofcourse, after office they sit in a bar and crib about their boss to each other and their friends. Obviously cats don’t understand the language of barks so MAMs also quite often have cat fights with women subordinates. Apart from this language problem, I think the other reason for catfights could be that “iski dress meri dress sey better kaise”. These MAM types tend to have a inherent problem even with other staff – poor admin guys and support staff. So they are inherently disliked by most folks in the organisation except a small group of exceptional folks who have been given the special powers by the all mighty to see something nice in “the MAM” and also have been bestowed with some special kind of charm that “the MAM” also likes them!!!

But how did these MAMs evolve – were they born like this (nah god couldn’t have gone so wrong), did they have a accident (bumped into a pole, fell and injured their knee oops brain I meant) or could it be a slow and steady process involving the following –
1. In school their teachers punished them too hard
2. They never could patao any nice guys or be friends with any popular girls in college
Or most importantly,
3. Their maids keep running away – so they have to bark instructions at the poor hubby (bichara!)

Anyways, whatever created them, it’s best to stay away from them. Pray to god everyday for that – seriously.

Thankfully not all women bosses fall under this MAM category – there are ofcourse some quite decent and understanding bosses as well – for example the ones that give their subordinate a month’s leave for marriage – let the poor chap enjoy for one last time… baad mein toh… :)) (don’t really have to complete this, do I)

PS – ofcourse there are shady male managers as well – like the ones that pakao everyone with their shady pjs – but that’s for another day.