rakhi sawant and anna hazare, also btw why is veena malik missing

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While switching channels last night I was forced to choose between rakhi sawant and anna hazare – obviously I chose rakhi sawant. No hard feelings (pun intended), anna. The two I think are quite similar in some ways but rakhi scores over the dude in some critical ways … Let me elaborate.

Rakhi sawant is a bit like your girlfriend (know loads of ppl who pray everyday that she was indeed their girl friend!). She is hot and she keeps on blabbering god knows what, but nobody really takes her seriously (btw I didn’t mean to say that guys don’t take their girlfriend’s words seriously, ofcourse we do!). Folks just like having her around talking about whatever she wants to say, looking hot n all … Its not so bad you know.
Now anna on the other hand is like a grumpy nagging wife, who just likes to crib, crib and crib and goes fasting to protest (mein khana nahi kaungi kyunki tum mujhse pyar nahi karte, sirf apne paisey sey pyar karte ho!!!). Now anna is always in front of your eyes and in your ears with the same drama/problems giving you only needless pain and headache.

A couple of months ago rakhi wanted to join hands with anna (well figuratively speaking, not literally) and start her crusade against beeping naughty words from songs. But she was refused… Now who’s to say that songs with beeps is a lesser threat to our nation’s cultural fabric than corruption. There is already corruption in the country and many folks are still able to live with it, but imagine if our next generations start speaking with beeps in their sentences, that will take time to understand and digest, am sure. Now this issue must be taken very seriously I think.

So thatwas about the events of last night’s tv surfing, today morning I get to know that veena malik has gone missing since friday… Yeh lo! What has the world come to. We must find out where she is – she can’t be left by herself, god knows what she’ll do – another RAW (pun intended) tattoo, falling in love in reality (tv) or worse still marrying a chappie without a swayamwar… No no, all this can’t happen (without the world watching it). We need to go find her.


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