Month: October 2011

modern day nursery rhymes

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Jack and Jill

Jack and jill went up the hill so jack could give jill a flower
however jack was a clown,
he made jill frown;
and jill dumped him for another

Dhoni had a little secretary (Mary had a little lamb)

Dhoni had a little secretary
her real name was ‘victory’
and everywhere dhoni took his team to play
she went with them and stayed
but once she missed her flight to england
that was such a shame
it made the team cry night and day
because victory was so far away

Rain Rain Come Again (Rain Rain go away)

Rain rain come again
the sun is causing a lot of pain
the heat is cranking up the brain
little johnny is losing the game
so come again and stop the game

Hello Hello Teacher Have you any fools (Baa Baa Black Sheep)

Hello, hello teacher have you any fools
yes sir, yes sir three in this classroom one topped in literature without reading a book
one topped in arts by conforming to the rules
and one topped in ethics by copying from the book
look how they’re grinning
three silly fools

Humpty Dumpty

humpty dumpty brought a red car
Humpty dumpty took the queen for the drive in his car
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Could not bring the queen back again