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interesting epitaphs – they way ppl are (or like to be) remembered…

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Sometimes we say the most interesting thing when we are about to die or sometimes ppl say the nicest and most interesting things about ppl
when the poor chappie is dead … Anyways in the same line of thought, I always thought that it is always interesting to read epitaphs and obituaries of people – it shows what ppl like to be remembered as or how ppl actually do remember them (this btw reminds me that I need to think one for myself before its too late!).

Anyways here are some interesting epitaphs, do give them a read – all of them are quite interesting, some are quite profound as well 😉 …

Alexander the Great – “A tomb now suffices him for whom the world was not enough”

Samuel Butler –
“While Butler, needy wretch, was yet alive,
No generous patron would a dinner give;
See him, when starv’d to death, and turn’d to dust,
Presented with a monumental bust.
The poet’s fate is here in emblem shown,
He ask’d for bread, and he received a stone.”

Andrew Carnegie -“Here lies a man who knew how to enlist the service of better men than himself.”

Winston Churchill – I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge –
“Stop, Christian Passer-by! – Stop, child of God,
And read with gentle breast. Beneath this sod
A poet lies, or that which once seem’d he.
O, lift one thought in prayer for S.T.C.;
That he who many a year with toil of breath
Found death in life, may here find life in death!
Mercy for praise – to be forgiven for fame
He ask’d, and hoped, through Christ. Do thou the same!”

Benjamin Franklin
“The Body of B. Franklin, printer
Like the Cover of an old Book
Its Contents torn out
And stripped of its Lettering & guilding
Lies here food for worms
For, it will as he believed appear once more
In a new and more elegant edition
Corrected and improved by the Author.”

Robert Frost -“I had a lover’s quarrel with the world”

John Gay –
“Life’s a jest, and all things show it;
I thought so once, and now I know it.”

Rita Hayworth – “Beloved mother… To yesterday’s companionship and tomorrow’s reunion”

Werner Heisenberg – “He lies here, somewhere.”
– This is a joke about the famous Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

John Jones – “Hold my drink, you’re gonna’ love this.”

Keats –
“K-eats! if thy cherished name be “writ in water”
E-ach drop has fallen from some mourner’s cheek;
A-sacred tribute; such as heroes seek,
T-hough oft in vain – for dazzling deeds of slaughter
S-leep on! Not honoured less for Epitaph so meek!”

King Leonidas of Sparta – “Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here, by Spartan law, we lie.”

John Laird McCaffery
Free your body and soul
Unfold your powerful wings
Climb up the highest mountains
Kick your feet up in the air
You may now live forever
Or return to this earth
Unless you feel good where you are!
—Missed by your friends”

Kindly note the first letter of each sentence – it was written by his friends for him 🙂

Matthew Mudd –
“Here lies Matthew Mudd,
Death did him no hurt;
When alive he was only Mudd,
But now he’s only dirt.”

William Shakespeare –
“Good frend, for Iesvs sake forbeare
To digg the dvst encloasèd heare.
Bleste be ye man yt spares thes stones,
And cvrst be he yt moves my bones.”

Modern English equivalent:
“Good friend, for Jesus’ sake forebear
To dig the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones.”

Lucius Cornelius Sulla – “No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full.”

H. G. Wells – “I told you so, you damned fools.”

Oscar Wilde –
“And alien tears will fill for him
Pity’s long-broken urn,
For his mourners will be outcast men,
And outcasts always mourn.”


the lessons i’ve learnt in life…

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There is loads I want to write today and somehow I just can’t find the right set of words… I want to talk of some of the most important lessons I have learnt in life, the funny thing is that they are so simple and straightforward that I feel like a moron thinking that I didn’t always realize it. But then time and again I see/observe/get to know about things that make me realize these lessons and then I see some dearies around me still making the same mistakes and I try and stop them but I can’t – nobody listens to me (I never listened to anybody as well, I am sure people would have tried to explain me as well). Basically it is just so sad and frustrating. I know
I can not (and also should not) be telling folks how to lead their lives but then isn’t it frustrating to see ppl doing stuff that you have done or you see others doing and suffer later because of that…

Anyways here are some of the most important things I have really learnt in life –

1. Don’t worry too much about work – don’t let the work kill u (someone once told this to me!)… We make such a big deal about our jobs that our lives depend on it… We take so many unnecessary tensions and kill ourselves for it… Frankly it doesn’t matter. I am definitely not advocating not working or doing shoddy work or being careless and not caring. I believe that we must always do our job sincerely and to the best of our abilities but at the same time, it’s not worth taking too much tension and having sleepless nights over it or screwing up ur health for it. Our clients who are paying us money for work/projects are not even thinking about it so much, I don’t think they expect us to kill ourselves for it. I know we all want to be promoted, we all want hikes but then don’t forget ultimately we’ll only eat dal roti, we won’t eat gold!!! Frankly speaking it doesn’t even matter if the promotion happens now or 6 months/1year later – I can say from personal experience… As you’ll grow old you’ll realize that there are so many important things in life that a client query/ custom project/ project report stands for nothing in front of the “real” problems of life. It is almost silly (or rather tragic) that we worry about almost “unnecessary” and myopic things of day to day life and work and do not care about the “big picture” of our lives…

2. Be nice to ur parents and listen to them – seriously they are not your enemy, we may think that they are out there to take out all the fun from our lives but that’s not always the case. Over years I have realize that their experience does count for a lot. You may be more educated and smarter but they have seen people like you, people smarter than u and most importantly they have our best interests in mind, its just that sometimes we don’t understand it and recognize it but sooner rather than later everybody realizes that, that’s what it is and has always been. Don’t stop talking to them, don’t say mean things to them – its hurtful and rude and definitely not cool. They may be wrong (or you think that they are) but still they have done so many things for us over the years that even if we disagree with what they are saying its definitely not done that we do /say things that hurt them – that’s definitely not done!!!

3. Have self esteem but don’t be egoistic. There are times when we need to keep our inflated egos aside … Ultimately its about finding happiness, while it feels ok sometimes to be all egoistic and say that you would not budge from ur position and that you’re too above everything but then everybody I am sure knows that its not really true. Sometimes we let go of things /people because of our ego and then are forced to live with the regret of “what if I had done…”. It is so sad and tragic and ofcourse frustrating. If you care about something then do go for it, don’t let ur ego come in between.

4. Take care of urself – both physically and mentally – take care of your body and mind, do not ignore any of them. Don’t just be lazy bums. The body and the mind are the two most important assets you have, and as long as u have these, you can do or achieve anything. Try and remain as fit as possible. Learn new skills – work and non-work related. Do things that give you satisfaction and happiness. It goes back to point 1, don’t just spend all ur time at work, do take out time to do other things, pursue hobbies.

5. The most important lesson – remember that good and bad times are a part of everybody’s life. They are phases that come and go. Try and be as stable (in good times) and brave (in bad times) as you can. Ultimately this is life and its not just with u, its with all of us – we all have our own set of problems, some people will have problems much bigger and serious than yours. The idea is to remain brave and learn lessons in life and do not make mistakes. Never stop fighting and never give up hope – as they say – hope is a good thing, probably the best of things and no good thing ever dies. Keep the faith and keep fighting… Just like good times passed, not so good times will go thru as well…

The thing is that I know that all that I have written everybody knows but then the funny thing is that we all make these mistakes. I have made all of the above and now that I have begun to gain some maturity and become somewhat samajhdaar I realize and see people around me make the same mistakes that I have made. The sad thing is that it reminds me of my own silly mistakes and I really feel that while nobody told me (or I never listened to those who did), I hope the other folks are smarter than what I was then (but in many cases they also end up doing the same stupid things I had done…)

Today I really felt that I needed to write these things for anybody who reads this post. These things are so simple and common sensical that chaps please do remember these, I almost beg you for your own sakes (afterall like I said, it pains me to see ppl make the same silly mistakes that I have made in life!)…

“The masterplan” – how to enter into the field of religion and creating your own gods…

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In past i have written about god and “entering into the field of religion” as i think that is one of the three best business ideas of all time (the other two are opening a school and opening a hospital – these are recession proof ideas, by god! – pun intended). What’s with crores that babas have amassed, i think its about time that more people entered this arena. The only problem is that there are too many “players”, so in order to distinguish yourself you may have to innovate – create your own religion. I found this useful article about how to go about creating your own religion. Many ideas mentioned below, ofcourse i have discussed in some of my previous posts. Anyways i think it is worthwhile to repeat these… maybe the greeks should do it as well, maybe its one way of getting out of the crisis (anyways what were we always taught – God helps those in distress!!!)

Also as you read this, you will realize that there are others who have shady thoughts such as mine about religion and god (thank god, i thought i was the only defective piece produced)…

– or –
All Hail The Great God Lardicus

What’s the point of living if you can’t create your own God? Aside from my delusions of grandeur (and how much grander can they get than God-creation?) the main reason I’m doing this is so that I can have a God I can use without offending anyone while I’m writing here on And it’s fun.
While I originally wrote this for the above reason, it turned out to be a bit more comprehensive and insightful that I had anticipated. I hope you find it enjoyable and perhaps even educational on a variety of levels. I have tried not to offend anyone specifically. More sort of a general offend-everybody-equally kind of thing. Let’s get started!
A properly created religion can give you personal control/ influence/ guidance over the wallets/ minds/ hearts of those who feel that being a Free-Thinking Individual is way too much work.
Here we provide you with our simple format to take you through the basic steps, from creating your own Gods and Goddesses to creating a simple yet ambiguous framework for your followers to try to conform to.
With our humble guidance, you’ll be able to start up your own cult/ sect/ denominiation religion in no time and have all the power/ money/ control/ faith you need to get you through this mortal coil.
Here’s how simple God-creation can be:

1) Create a God. One with a catchy name is best. Should be simple and out of the ordinary, but not too far out that people can’t remember it.
In our example we will create “The Great God Lardicus”. It has “Lard” in the name which people already associate with fast food. It has “-icus” at the end of it, which sounds Greek, so it must be old and have centuries of tradition behind it.
2) Make it in charge of something people already focus on, but don’t have a target for that focus.
In this case, eating too much fast food and poor dietary practices. Poof! Millions of people are now in your target audience.
3) Make it something that people will be reminded of frequently.
In this case, whenever they think of fast food, they will think of Lardicus after reading this (at least for a while).
In fact, the next time you drive down the road I bet you will think of The Great God Lardicus at least once. And the second time, you’ll think of it because you’ll remember thinking of it the first time. And so on. See how easy that was!
4) Make it easy for them to “buy into” the worship of your New God.
In this case, whenever you eat fast food, you are honoring The Great God Lardicus.
Whenever you pay at the drive-in window, you are tithing to The Great God Lardicus.
5) Make it ambiguous. Let both sides of an argument claim it as their own.
In this case, is The Great God Lardicus a “Dark God” bent on destroying The Temple Of Your Physical Being, or is he a “Light God” and the patron of those who are too busy in their lives to stop and eat a well-balanced meal?
Why define it when you can let people fight it out themselves. People are funny. They’ll fight over anything. Even something you just made up. Enjoy the show and try not to think too much about the Karmic issues you are creating for yourself.
6) Establish some standards by which the God should be referred to, creating an intrinsic reverence right from the start.
In this case, The Great God Lardicus must always be referred to as “The Great God” Lardicus. Once people see this a few hundred times, they’ll start believing it without even realizing it.
Make sure that the Full Title and Name are Always Capitalized. This is because that everybody knows that something that has Capital Letters Is Much More Important than something that isn’t.
This is called “Marketing” and all the Most Holy of The Great God Lardicus’s High Priests study the Dark Arts of Marketing and practice it many times a day in their Most Holy Rites.
7) Make cool symbols. They should be things that people already know and see everywhere. And they should be easy to draw and say.
In our case, The Great God Lardicus’s symbols will be the Arch, the Crown and Pigtails. (If you think you’d look silly in pigtails, just substitute an image of a Pig, which works well when you think of bacon, pork chops, and the obvious “pig” symbolism). You’ll suddenly start seeing The Great God Lardicus’s symbols everywhere. Temples to The Great God Lardicus will appear, as if by Divine Intervention, on every street corner in every town across the nation.

Boy, that was fun!
Okay, we’ve now created our first God.
Now, let’s see how easy it is to turn it into a Religion!
You can’t have a cool religion with just a single character, so….

8) You need an opposing force. Not necessarily an arch-enemy, but an opposite perspective so that people can pick sides and fight over things.
Remember the stuff about people up there in Number 5? If everybody gets along, nobody will ever hear about your new religion. Most people hardly ever talk about how happy and content they are with their spirituality. In fact, many feel that they have to impose their beliefs on others in order to validate themselves and their beliefs. Because if you can get other people to be convinced to believe the same thing you do, you must be right! And that validates your choices. You want to play into that if you’re going to be creating your own religion.
In this case, we will create The Gentle Goddess Dietima.
Notice how we have used all the rules so far with this name and the subtle effects it engenders. Let’s review:
1) It has “Diet” in the name, which is obviously the opposite of “Lard”. It sounds Greek too, so it fits nicely into our freshly created pantheon of psuedo-Greek deities.
It sounds catchy. And it should. Because we have simply co-opted the name of an actual character from Greek Literature, Diotima. Many people will vaguely (but not quite) remember her name from a high school or college class. This is another great technique when you are creating a new religion: overlay your gods, legends, temples, holy days and whatever else you can think of over top of the ones used by The Other Religions. Why invent something new when you can simply co-opt it and claim it as your own? Then people can fight over who stole what from whom and the nefarious motivations for doing so. People love to fight, and it would be cruel of you to deny them this chance.
2) Who hasn’t been on or thought about going on a diet? The Gentle Goddess Dietima is the patron for you!
3) Is there anyone you know that isn’t painfully aware of diets and dieting? My point exactly.
4) It sounds Feminine with just the right mix of Fluffy-Bunny and Wise Woman. It is sweet enough for the flowering gentle pre-teen who wants a kinder, more understanding world but it also sounds great for attracting the people who would never worship a masculine meat-eating fatso un-environmentally-conscious goat-mater like Grease God Lardicus!
Wow! Intolerance is fun and yet still makes you feel superior and important, while at the same time elevating you to the moral high-ground above those who you don’t agree with. Neat, huh?
5) Notice how we have made The Gentle Goddess Dietima attractive to the entire spectrum of human emotion! Now we can just sit back and watch Her Faithful fight over which of her aspects is “The Real One”.
6) The Gentle Goddess Dietima should always referred to as “The Gentle Goddess”, unless you are in need of her unspecified warrior attributes which are whatever you want them to be whenever you want to use them. Good ol’ rule number 5!
7) Dietima’s symbols are the cute adorable little bunny (because nobody could not love a cute adorable little bunny), a curved silver knife (crescent moon shaped, great for cutting earth-friendly veggies to eat and tilling the ground, and useful for those unspecified warrior aspects, and similar enough to the Arch to cause more fun bickering) and the egg (fertility, orb shapes are common, and it will further confuse the whole spring holiday symbolism thing and cause more exciting discussions).

So much for the review, now back to the recipie book:

9) You need to confuse everybody. This will make sure that nobody can be really certain WHAT they believe, because it is all so non-sensical to begin with. And when you don’t spell it out exactly (or even if you do) you know how those funny humans will all magically just get along, right!
In this case, we’ll try to be real thorough here:
The Gentle Goddess Dietima and The Great God Lardicus are Divine Brother and Sister. However, they are also Husband and Wife. And The Great God Lardicus is the child of Himself and The Gentle Goddess Dietima. As is Dietima. They love each other, but argue and even fight regularly for a variety of reasons that we won’t go into here because we want people to make up their own reasons, which they can then fight over.
We don’t even have to explain how any of this is possible because they are Gods and can do whatever they want. We don’t want to specify who was born first or the details of their immaculate self-conceptions, because that might give one side the upper hand in any arguments. Remember Rule Number 5: Keep it ambiguous.
The Gentle Goddess Dietima and The Great God Lardicus may or may not have other children, parents, siblings or acquaintances. We can add them in later if we want or need to, and then the old-timers (historians, scholars, etc.) can fight the new converts (who are always the most passionate about things) about whether they should “really” be in the pantheon or not, since they weren’t there in the beginning. We’ll probably just say we found some ancient scrolls that nobody is allowed to examine that mentioned them when we want to add in any new characters. That’ll be fun!

And last but certainly not least:

10) The Big Reward. You know everything you always wished you had in this life? After you die, you’ll get it! We promise! Hot women. Cute Guys. Flying Cars. Washboard abs. Rivers of Chocolate that won’t add an ounce or an inch to your perfectly fit, weightless body. And lots of cute, adorable fluffy bunnies to frolic with in virgin green pastures.
In our case, we guarantee that you’ll get everything listed above. And then some!
But wait! There’s more! All the people you love in this life will be there. But not the people you don’t like. They all go to “The Other Place”. Don’t worry. They’ll get theirs. And you’ll spend eternity in Paradise. Really. We Promise.

Oh yeah, one last thing:
The always present but never written down (written down here because I can’t whisper it in your ear) Eleventh Rule:

11) Get The Word Out!
What good is creating your own religion if you can’t get people to worship your Gods and beg you for guidance because they don’t trust themselves to navigate their own way through life? They’ll be much better having an uninformed random someone else tell them what to do than looking at their own situation objectively and determining a logical path to take that is likely to help them improve their lot in life.
And don’t forget the money! Once people realize that http://www.aPath.orgis the only place that they can find The One True Path, they’ll start throwing money at me to solve their problems for them and I can quit my day job and hang out at the beach with my religion-driving laptop-toting bikini-wearing interns. Um, I mean staff.
So get to work and start sending copies of this to everyone you know and help me, humbly, to bring them to True Salvation here.
In fact, if you send this to twenty or more people in the next ten minutes, you may very well win the lottery! If you don’t, and your car explodes, it wasn’t my fault. It was yours.
Blessed Be,

– Brian Gallagher

        Keeper of The One True Path to Paradise

no more happy and gay… let’s hope not!!!

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Recently new york has legalized gay marriages. Gays, it seems, have been fighting for this “right” for quite some time. I have only 2 words to say to them – “you morons” 😉

This has again proven how innocent and sentimental (or should I say, mental) fools guys (rather in this case, specifically, gays) are. They had a nice thing going on for them, but NO SIR. We want to hit the axe on our own foot. We want to get married. Huh!!!

My understanding (it can be wrong, but I rather like to think that it is not) is that the whole idea of being “happy and gay” was that they did not get married and hence could lead a happy life, without worrying too much about whose turn was it to throw out the garbage and who is supposed to wash the dishes today. Marriage somehow brings all these complexities in. Unmarried folks do not feel the need to show off their cutlery and hence use the disposable stuff which can be thrown out as per convenience rather than cleaning the dishes as soon as the guests leave (otherwise the strains will stay on the nice crockery – OH MY GOD!!!).

These were just the simplest examples, my worry is that now the dear ole gays will suffer from the tensions, worries and concerns that married folks suffer from. So imagine that now there is no escape from meeting the partner’s annoying cousins/uncles/aunts, even the ones that still frown upon your relationship. I feel that soon gays will also turn out to be all grumpy (and less lovey dovey and cool) like other married folks and that it will almost make them less “gay” (pun definitely intended!).

Gays have indeed shown how true the good ole hindi saying is – “shaadi ka laddoo, joh khaye woh pachtaye aur joh na khaye woh pachtaye” … To all the gay chappies out there I would just like to say that try not to be grumpy like the other married folks and please remain cool. Afterall we don’t want to kill the saying – “happy and gay” (pun again intended!)

random sunday thoughts…

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So what is happening around in the world these days … Loads actually, quite a few tragic things as well – for instance the other day I read about a russian guy who buried himself alive in his garden, only to be found dead the next day (duh – so what!). The shady thing is that he thought that burying himself alive will bring him good luck (duh!) … He did not intend to die, you see. He had made holes n all n put in pipes to let in the air, he even took with him a blanket, a mobile phone and a bottle of water… But alas as they say “kiye karaye parr paani feir diya” – it rained and probably his pipes got blocked and the chappie died … Boo hoo … Now isn’t it tragic – the only thing the poor chappie wanted was good luck … Unless he went to heaven and is now chilling with apsaras (aah, the apsaras!!! – man, am I obsessed or what) I don’t see burying alive bringing any good luck (so noted in the list of things to NOT DO – Do not bury yourself alive, won’t bring good luck!).

What else – saturday was a day wasted – got to meet “good doctor” and “bad doctor”. I mean it’s really shady when the doctor doesn’t know but like a consultant they still insist on giving gyan. Now the thing with doctors is that – 1. I am anyways scared of them (what’s with all the injections n all) 2. You can’t really take panga with them and tell them that they’re wrong – well you still gotto eat their medicines in future. So you see with doctors I have just not been able to figure them out (just like women – and women doctors are the worst!, first they are women and then on top of that they’re doctors, I am just completely clueless and I dunno what to do with them…). Anyways after a bit of running around I met this guy doc (who frankly was quite a dude with a goatee and french beard) but then he was like ur fine and no need to do anything (just fyi – the whole drama was to get some “dissolvable” stitches removed, the female doc just got so excited to see them!!!, the guy doc said that half of them have already dissolved, let them be, they’ll dissolve themselves!)

What else, there is no good movie on telly or on cinema today (thank god for formula 1 and dear lolita, damn middle sunday at wimbledon – heard it’s nice and sunny in london)… Saw “the social network” yesterday, it was ok. “Black swan” was much better. Still haven’t seen “the king’s speech” – should see that sometime…

Will start morning walk/jog thing from tomorrow … Slightly kicked about that… Other thing that I am planning to do is to enroll myself in french classes … Will be fun to learn french over the weekend I think – need to decide on that by the next sunday… On one hand it’s the “enthu me” all enthused about learning french, however the “lazy me” is stopping me from taking up additional things for the weekend (aren’t there so many things I already do over the weekend – I breathe, I eat, I sleep, I do grocery shopping, do household chores…)

Anyways another weekend is done and dusted… Nothing much done except chilling (which is not too bad, actually!!!), but there is this voice inside me telling me that it’s about time I do something new and interesting to bring in a bit of excitement in life…

Stray Birds – Rabindranath Tagore… it’s wonderful

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Stray birds by Rabindranath Tagore is one of his best books with his poems/ thoughts on life. I think you are seriously missing something in life if you’ve not read and thought about these (I humbly but sincerely feel!)…

Here it is for you, translated in english (not by me ofcourse). Do give it a read and a think over at leisure … The one that touched me the most was no. 144 – ” One sad voice has its nest among the ruins of the years. It sings to me in the night,–“I loved you.” ”

Stray Birds


Stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away. And yellow leaves of autumn, which have no songs, flutter and fall there with a sigh.


O troupe of little vagrants of the world, leave your footprints in my words.


The world puts off its mask of vastness to its lover. It becomes small as one song, as one kiss of the eternal.


It is the tears of the earth that keep her smiles in bloom.


The mighty desert is burning for the love of a blade of grass who shakes her head and laughs and flies away.


If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.


The sands in your way beg for your song and your movement, dancing water. Will you carry the burden of their lameness?


Her wistful face haunts my dreams like the rain at night.


Once we dreamt that we were strangers. We wake up to find that we were dear to each other.


Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees.


Some unseen fingers, like idle breeze, are playing upon my heart the music of the ripples.


“What language is thine, O sea?”

“The language of eternal question.”

“What language is thy answer, O sky?

“The language of eternal silence.”


Listen, my heart, to the whispers of the world with which it makes love to you.


The mystery of creation is like the darkness of night–it is great. Delusions of knowledge are like the fog of the morning.


Do not seat your love upon a precipice because it is high.


I sit at my window this morning where the world like a passer-by stops for a moment, nods to me and goes.


These little thoughts are the rustle of leaves; they have their whisper of joy in my mind.


What you are you do not see, what you see is your shadow.


My wishes are fools, they shout across thy songs, my Master. Let me but listen.


I cannot choose the best.
The best chooses me.


They throw their shadows before them who carry their lantern on their back.


That I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life.


“We, the rustling leaves, have a voice that answers the storms, but who are you so silent?” “I am a mere flower.”


Rest belongs to the work as the eyelids to the eyes.


Man is a born child, his power is the power of growth.


God expects answers for the flowers he sends us, not for the sun and the earth.


The light that plays, like a naked child, among the green leaves happily knows not that man can lie.


O Beauty, find thyself in love, not in the flattery of thy mirror.


My heart beats her waves at the shore of the world and writes upon it her signature in tears with the words, “I love thee.”


“Moon, for what do you wait?”

“To salute the sun for whom I must make way.”


The trees come up to my window like the yearning voice of the dumb earth.


His own mornings are new surprises to God.


Life finds its wealth by the claims of the world, and its worth by the claims of love.


The dry river-bed finds no thanks for its past.


The bird wishes it were a cloud. The cloud wishes it were a bird.


The waterfall sings, “I find my song, when I find my freedom.”


I cannot tell why this heart languishes in silence.
It is for small needs it never asks, or knows or remembers.


Woman, when you move about in your household service your limbs sing like a hill stream among its pebbles.


The sun goes to cross the Western sea, leaving its last salutation to the East.


Do not blame your food because you have no appetite.


The trees, like the longings of the earth, stand a-tiptoe to peep at the heaven.


You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long.


The fish in the water is silent, the animal on the earth is noisy, the bird in the air is singing,
But Man has in him the silence of the sea, the noise of the earth and the music of the air.


The world rushes on over the strings of the lingering heart making the music of sadness.


He has made his weapons his gods. When his weapons win he is defeated himself.


God finds himself by creating.


Shadow, with her veil drawn, follows Light in secret meekness, with her silent steps of love.


The stars are not afraid to appear like fireflies.


I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.


The mind, sharp but not broad, sticks at every point but does not move.


Your idol is shattered in the dust to prove that God’s dust is greater than your idol.


Man does not reveal himself in his history, he struggles up through it.


While the glass lamp rebukes the earthen for calling it cousin, the moon rises, and the glass lamp, with a bland smile, calls her, “My dear, dear sister.”


Like the meeting of the seagulls and the waves we meet and come near. The seagulls fly off, the waves roll away and we depart.


My day is done, and I am like a boat drawn on the beach, listening to the dance-music of the tide in the evening.


Life is given to us, we earn it by giving it.


We come nearest to the great when we are great in humility.


The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail.


Never be afraid of the moments–thus sings the voice of the everlasting.


The hurricane seeks the shortest road by the no-road, and suddenly ends its search in the Nowhere.


Take my wine in my own cup, friend. It loses its wreath of foam when poured into that of others.


The Perfect decks itself in beauty for the love of the Imperfect.


God says to man, “I heal you therefore I hurt, love you therefore punish.”


Thank the flame for its light, but do not forget the lampholder standing in the shade with constancy of patience.


Tiny grass, your steps are small, but you possess the earth under your tread.


The infant flower opens its bud and cries, “Dear World, please do not fade.”


God grows weary of great kingdoms, but never of little flowers.


Wrong cannot afford defeat but Right can.


“I give my whole water in joy,” sings the waterfall, “though little of it is enough for the thirsty.”


Where is the fountain that throws up these flowers in a ceaseless outbreak of ecstasy?


The woodcutter’s axe begged for its handle from the tree. The tree gave it.


In my solitude of heart I feel the sigh of this widowed evening veiled with mist and rain.


Chastity is a wealth that comes from abundance of love.


The mist, like love, plays upon the heart of the hills and brings out surprises of beauty.


We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us.


The poet wind is out over the sea and the forest to seek his own voice.


Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.


The grass seeks her crowd in the earth.
The tree seeks his solitude of the sky.


Man barricades against himself.


Your voice, my friend, wanders in my heart, like the muffled sound of the sea among these listening pines.


What is this unseen flame of darkness whose sparks are the stars?


Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.


He who wants to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open.


In death the many becomes one; in life the one becomes many. Religion will be one when God is dead.


The artist is the lover of Nature, therefore he is her slave and her master.


“How far are you from me, O Fruit?” “I am hidden in your heart, O Flower.”


This longing is for the one who is felt in the dark, but not seen in the day.


“You are the big drop of dew under the lotus leaf, I am the smaller one on its upper side,” said the dewdrop to the lake.


The scabbard is content to be dull when it protects the keenness of the sword.


In darkness the One appears as uniform; in the light the One appears as manifold.


The great earth makes herself hospitable with the help of the grass.


The birth and death of the leaves are the rapid whirls of the eddy whose wider circles move slowly among stars.


Power said to the world, “You are mine. The world kept it prisoner on her throne. Love said to the world, “I am thine.” The world gave it the freedom of her house.


The mist is like the earth’s desire. It hides the sun for whom she cries.


Be still, my heart, these great trees are prayers.


The noise of the moment scoffs at the music of the Eternal.


I think of other ages that floated upon the stream of life and love and death and are forgotten, and I feel the freedom of passing away.


The sadness of my soul is her bride’s veil. It waits to be lifted in the night.


Death’s stamp gives value to the coin of life; making it possible to buy with life what is truly precious.


The cloud stood humbly in a corner of the sky. The morning crowned it with splendour.


The dust receives insult and in return offers her flowers.


Do not linger to gather flowers to keep them, but walk on, for flowers will keep themselves blooming all your way.


Roots are the branches down in the earth. Branches are roots in the air.


The music of the far-away summer flutters around the Autumn seeking its former nest.


Do not insult your friend by lending him merits from your own pocket.


The touch of the nameless days clings to my heart like mosses round the old tree.


The echo mocks her origin to prove she is the original.


God is ashamed when the prosperous boasts of His special favour.


I cast my own shadow upon my path, because I have a lamp that has not been lighted.


Man goes into the noisy crowd to drown his own clamour of silence.


That which ends in exhaustion is death, but the perfect ending is in the endless.


The sun has his simple robe of light. The clouds are decked with gorgeousness.


The hills are like shouts of children who raise their arms, trying to catch stars.


The road is lonely in its crowd for it is not loved.


The power that boasts of its mischiefs is laughed at by the yellow leaves that fall, and clouds that pass by.


The earth hums to me to-day in the sun, like a woman at her spinng, some ballad of the ancient time in a forgotten tongue.


The grass-blade is worth of the great world where it grows.


Dream is a wife who must talk.
Sleep is a husband who silently suffers.


The night kisses the fading day whispering to his ear, “I am death, your mother. I am to give you fresh birth.”


I feel, thy beauty, dark night, like that of the loved woman when she has put out the lamp.


I carry in my world that flourishes the worlds that have failed.


Dear friend, I feel the silence of your great thoughts of may a deepening eventide on this beach when I listen to these waves.


The bird thinks it is an act of kindness to give the fish a lift in the air.


“In the moon thou sendest thy love letters to me,” said the night to the sun.

“I leave my answers in tears upon the grass.”


The Great is a born child; when he dies he gives his great childhood to the world.


Not hammerstrokes, but dance of the water sings the pebbles into perfection.


Bees sip honey from flowers and hum their thanks when they leave.
The gaudy butterfly is sure that the flowers owe thanks to him.


To be outspoken is easy when you do not wait to speak the complete truth.


Asks the Possible to the Impossible, “Where is your dwelling place?”

“In the dreams of the impotent,” comes the answer.


If you shut your door to all errors truth will be shut out.


I hear some rustle of things behind my sadness of heart,–I cannot see them.


Leisure in its activity is work.
The stillness of the sea stirs in waves.


The leaf becomes flower when it loves.
The flower becomes fruit when it worships.


The roots below the earth claim no rewards for making the branches fruitful.


This rainy evening the wind is restless.
I look at the swaying branches and ponder over the greatness of all things.


Storm of midnight, like a giant child awakened in the untimely dark, has begun to play and shout.


Thou raisest thy waves vainly to follow thy lover. O sea, thou lonely bride of the storm.


“I am ashamed of my emptiness,” said the Word to the Work.
“I know how poor I am when I see you,” said the Work to the Word.


Time is the wealth of change, but the clock in its parody makes it mere change and no wealth.


Truth in her dress finds facts too tight.
In fiction she moves with ease.


When I travelled to here and to there, I was tired of thee, O Road, but now when thou leadest me to everywhere I am wedded to thee in love.


Let me think that there is one among those stars that guides my life through the dark unknown.


Woman, with the grace of your fingers you touched my things and order came out like music.


One sad voice has its nest among the ruins of the years. It sings to me in the night,–“I loved you.”


The flaming fire warns me off by its own glow.
Save me from the dying embers hidden under ashes.


I have my stars in the sky,
But oh for my little lamp unlit in my house.


The dust of the dead words clings to thee.
Wash thy soul with silence.


Gaps are left in life through which comes the sad music of death.


The world has opened its heart of light in the morning.
Come out, my heart, with thy love to meet it.


My thoughts shimmer with these shimmering leaves and my heart sings with the touch of this sunlight; my life is glad to be floating with all things into the blue of space, into the dark of time.


God’s great power is in the gentle breeze, not in the storm.


This is a dream in which things are all loose and they oppress.
I shall find them gathered in thee when I awake and shall be free.


“Who is there to take up my duties?” asked the setting sun.

“I shall do what I can, my Master,” said the earthen lamp.


By plucking her petals you do not gather the beauty of the flower.


Silence will carry your voice like the nest that holds the sleeping birds.


The Great walks with the Small without fear.
The Middling keeps aloof.


The night opens the flowers in secret and allows the day to get thanks.


Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims.


When we rejoice in our fulness, then we can part with our fruits with joy.


The raindrops kissed the earth and whispered,–“We are thy homesick children, mother, come back to thee from the heaven.”


The cobweb pretends to catch dew-drops and catches flies.


Love! when you come with the burning lamp of pain in your hand, I can see your face and know you as bliss.


“The learned say that your lights will one day be no more.” said the firefly to the stars. The stars made no answer.


In the dusk of the evening the bird of some early dawn comes to the nest of my silence.


Thoughts pass in my mind like flocks of ducks in the sky.
I hear the voice of their wings.


The canal loves to think that rivers exist solely to supply it with water.


The world has kissed my soul with its pain, asking for its return in songs.


That which oppresses me, is it my soul trying to come out in the open, or the soul of the world knocking at my heart for its entrance?


Thought feeds itself with its own words and grows.


I have dipped the vessel of my heart into this silent hour; it has filled with love.


Either you have work or you have not.
When you have to say, “Let us do something,” then begins mischief.


The sunflower blushed to own the nameless flower as her kin.
The sun rose and smiled on it, saying, “Are you well, my darling?”


“Who drives me forward like fate?” “The Myself striding on my back.”


The clouds fill the watercups of the river, hiding themselves in the distant hills.


I spill water from my water jar as I walk on my way,
Very little remains for my home.


The water in a vessel is sparkling; the water in the sea is dark.
The small truth has words that are clear; the great truth has great silence.


Your smile was the flowers of your own fields, your talk was the rustle of your own mountain pines, but your heart was the woman that we all know.


It is the little things that I leave behind for my loved ones,– great things are for everyone.


Woman, thou hast encircled the world’s heart with the depth of thy tears as the sea has the earth.


The sunshine greets me with a smile. The rain, his sad sister, talks to my heart.


My flower of the day dropped its petals forgotten. In the evening it ripens into a golden fruit of memory.


I am like the road in the night listening to the footfalls of its memories in silence.


The evening sky to me is like a window, and a lighted lamp, and a waiting behind it.


He who is too busy doing good finds no time to be good.


I am the autumn cloud, empty of rain, see my fulness in the field of ripened rice.


They hated and killed and men praised them.
But God in shame hastens to hide its memory under the green grass.


Toes are the fingers that have forsaken their past.


Darkness travels towards light, but blindness towards death.


The pet dog suspects the universe for scheming to take its place.


Sit still my heart, do not raise your dust.
Let the world find its way to you.


The bow whispers to the arrow before it speeds forth–“Your freedom is mine.”


Woman, in your laughter you have the music of the fountain of life.


A mind all logic is like a knife all blade.
It makes the hand bleed that uses it.


God loves man’s lamp lights better than his own great stars.


This world is the world of wild storms kept tame with the music of beauty.


“My heart is like the golden casket of thy kiss,” said the sunset cloud to the sun.


By touching you may kill, by keeping away you may possess.


The cricket’s chirp and the patter of rain come to me through the dark, like the rustle of dreams from my past youth.


“I have lost my dewdrop,” cries the flower to the morning sky that has lost all its stars.


The burning log bursts in flame and cries,–“This is my flower, my death.”


The wasp thinks that the honey-hive of the neighbouring bees is too small.
His neighbours ask him to build one still smaller.


“I cannot keep your waves,” says the bank to the river. “Let me keep your footprints in my heart.”


The day, with the noise of this little earth, drowns the silence of all worlds.


The song feels the infinite in the air, the picture in the earth,
the poem in the air and the earth;
For its words have meaning that walks and music that soars.


When the sun goes down to the West, the East of his morning stands before him in silence.


Let me not put myself wrongly to my world and set it against me.


Praise shames me, for I secretly beg for it.


Let my doing nothing when I have nothing to do become untroubled in its depth of peace like the evening in the seashore when the water is silent.


Maiden, your simplicity, like the blueness of the lake, reveals your depth of truth.


The best does not come alone. It comes with the company of the all.


God’s right hand is gentle, but terrible is his left hand.


My evening came among the alien trees and spoke in a language which my morning stars did not know.


Night’s darkness is a bag that bursts with the gold of the dawn.


Our desire lends the colours of the rainbow to the mere mists and vapours of life.


God waits to win back his own flowers as gifts from man’s hands.


My sad thoughts tease me asking me their own names.


The service of the fruit is precious, the service of the flower is sweet, but let my service be the service of the leaves in its shade of humble devotion.


My heart has spread its sails to the idle winds for the shadowy island of Anywhere.


Men are cruel, but Man is kind.


Make me thy cup and let my fulness be for thee and for thine.


The storm is like the cry of some god in pain whose love the earth refuses.


The world does not leak because death is not a crack.


Life has become richer by the love that has been lost.


My friend, your great heart shone with the sunrise of the East like the snowy summit of a lonely hill in the dawn.


The fountain of death makes the still water of life play.


Those who have everything but thee, my God, laugh at those who have nothing but thyself.


The movement of life has its rest in its own music.


Kicks only raise dust and not crops from the earth.


Our names are the light that glows on the sea waves at night and then dies without leaving its signature.


Let him only see the thorns who has eyes to see the rose.


Set bird’s wings with gold and it will never again soar in the sky.


The same lotus of our clime blooms here in the alien water with the same sweetness, under another name.


In heart’s perspective the distance looms large.


The moon has her light all over the sky, her dark spots to herself.


Do not say, “It is morning,” and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a new-born child that has no name.


Smoke boasts to the sky, and Ashes to the earth, that they are brothers to the fire.


The raindrop whispered to the jasmine, “Keep me in your heart for ever.” The jasmine sighed, “Alas,” and dropped to the ground.


Timid thoughts, do not be afraid of me.
I am a poet.


The dim silence of my mind seems filled with crickets’ chirp–the grey twilight of sound.


Rockets, your insult to the stars follows yourself back to the earth.


Thou hast led me through my crowded travels of the day to my evening’s loneliness.
I wait for its meaning through the stillness of the night.


This life is the crossing of a sea, where we meet in the same narrow ship.
In death we reach the shore and go to our different worlds.


The stream of truth flows through its channels of mistakes.


My heart is homesick to-day for the one sweet hour across the sea of time.


The bird-song is the echo of the morning light back from the earth.


“Are you too proud to kiss me?” the morning light asks the buttercup.


“How may I sing to thee and worship, O Sun?” asked the little flower.

“By the simple silence of thy purity,” answered the sun.


Man is worse than an animal when he is an animal.


Dark clouds become heaven’s flowers when kissed by light.


Let not the sword-blade mock its handle for being blunt.


The night’s silence, like a deep lamp, is burning with the light of its milky way.


Around the sunny island of Life swells day and night death’s limitless song of the sea.


Is not this mountain like a flower, with its petals of hills, drinking the sunlight?


The real with its meaning read wrong and emphasis misplaced is the unreal.


Find your beauty, my heart, from the world’s movement, like the boat that has the grace of the wind and the water.


The eyes are not proud of their sight but of their eyeglasses.


I live in this little world of mine and am afraid to make it the least less. Lift me into thy world and let me have the freedom gladly to lose my all.


The false can never grow into truth by growing in power.


My heart, with its lapping waves of song, longs to caress this green world of the sunny day.


Wayside grass, love the star, then your dreams will come out in flowers.


Let your music, like a sword, pierce the noise of the market to its heart.


The trembling leaves of this tree touch my heart like the fingers of an infant child.


This sadness of my soul is her bride’s veil.
It waits to be lifted in the night.


The little flower lies in the dust. It sought the path of the butterfly.


I am in the world of the roads. The night comes. Open thy gate, thou world of the home.


I have sung the songs of thy day. In the evening let me carry thy lamp through the stormy path.


I do not ask thee into the house. Come into my infinite loneliness, my Lover.


Death belongs to life as birth does. The walk is in the raising of the foot as in the laying of it down.


I have learnt the simple meaning of thy whispers in flowers and sunshine–teach me to know thy words in pain and death.


The night’s flower was late when the morning kissed her, she shivered and sighed and dropped to the ground.


Through the sadness of all things I hear the crooning of the Eternal Mother.


I came to your shore as a stranger, I lived in your house as a guest, I leave your door as a friend, my earth.


Let my thoughts come to you, when I am gone, like the afterglow of sunset at the margin of starry silence.


Light in my heart the evening star of rest and then let the night whisper to me of love.


I am a child in the dark.
I stretch my hands through the coverlet of night for thee, Mother.


The day of work is done. Hide my face in your arms, Mother. Let me dream.


The lamp of meeting burns long; it goes out in a moment at the parting.


One word keep for me in thy silence, O World, when I am dead, “I have loved.”


We live in this world when we love it.


Let the dead have the immortality of fame, but the living the immortality of love.


I have seen thee as the half-awakened child sees his mother in the dusk of the dawn and then smiles and sleeps again.


I shall die again and again to know that life is inexhaustible.


While I was passing with the crowd in the road I saw thy smile from the balcony and I sang and forgot all noise.


Love is life in its fulness like the cup with its wine.


They light their own lamps and sing their own words in their temples.
But the birds sing thy name in thine own morning light,–for thy name is joy.


Lead me in the centre of thy silence to fill my heart with songs.


Let them live who choose in their own hissing world of fireworks.
My heart longs for thy stars, my God.


Love’s pain sang round my life like the unplumbed sea, and love’s joy sang like birds in its flowering groves.


Put out the lamp when thou wishest.
I shall know thy darkness and shall love it.


When I stand before thee at the day’s end thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing.


Some day I shall sing to thee in the sunrise of some other world,
“I have seen thee before in the light of the earth, in the love of man.”


Clouds come floating into my life from other days no longer to shed rain or usher storm but to give colour to my sunset sky.


Truth raises against itself the storm that scatters its seeds broadcast.


The storm of the last night has crowned this morning with golden peace.


Truth seems to come with its final word; and the final word gives birth to its next.


Blessed is he whose fame does not outshine his truth.


Sweetness of thy name fills my heart when I forget mine–like thy morning sun when the mist is melted.


The silent night has the beauty of the mother and the clamorous day of the child.


The world loved man when he smiled. The world became afraid of him when he laughed.


God waits for man to regain his childhood in wisdom.


Let me feel this world as thy love taking form, then my love will help it.


Thy sunshine smiles upon the winter days of my heart, never doubting of its spring flowers.


God kisses the finite in his love and man the infinite.


Thou crossest desert lands of barren years to reach the moment of fulfilment.


God’s silence ripens man’s thoughts into speech.


Thou wilt find, Eternal Traveller, marks of thy footsteps across my songs.


Let me not shame thee, Father, who displayest thy glory in thy children.


Cheerless is the day, the light under frowning clouds is like a punished child with traces of tears on its pale cheeks, and the cry of the wind is like the cry of a wounded world. But I know I am travelling to meet my Friend.


To-night there is a stir among the palm leaves, a swell in the sea, Full Moon, like the heart throb of the world. From what unknown sky hast thou carried in thy silence the aching secret of love?


I dream of a star, an island of light, where I shall be born and in the depth of its quickening leisure my life will ripen its works like the ricefield in the autumn sun.


The smell of the wet earth in the rain rises like a great chant of praise from the voiceless multitude of the insignificant.


That love can ever lose is a fact that we cannot accept as truth.


We shall know some day that death can never rob us of that which our soul has gained, for her gains are one with herself.


God comes to me in the dusk of my evening with the flowers from my past kept fresh in his basket.


When all the strings of my life will be tuned, my Master, then at every touch of thine will come out the music of love.


Let me live truly, my Lord, so that death to me become true.


Man’s history is waiting in patience for the triumph of the insulted man.


I feel thy gaze upon my heart this moment like the sunny silence of the morning upon the lonely field whose harvest is over.


I long for the Island of Songs across this heaving Sea of Shouts.


The prelude of the night is commenced in the music of the sunset, in its solemn hymn to the ineffable dark.


I have scaled the peak and found no shelter in fame’s bleak and barren height. Lead me, my Guide, before the light fades, into the valley of quiet where life’s harvest mellows into golden wisdom.


Things look phantastic in this dimness of the dusk–the spires whose bases are lost in the dark and tree tops like blots of ink. I shall wait for the morning and wake up to see thy city in the light.


I have suffered and despaired and known death and I am glad that I am in this great world.


There are tracts in my life that are bare and silent. They are the open spaces where my busy days had their light and air.


Release me from my unfulfilled past clinging to me from behind making death difficult.


Let this be my last word, that I trust in thy love.

alphabet poem

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A was once an apple-pie,
Nice insidy,


B was once a little bear,
Taky cary,
Little bear!


C was once a little cake,
Taky caky,
Little cake!


D was once a little doll,
Nursy dolly,
Little doll!


E was once a little eel,
Twirly, tweely,
Little eel!


F was once a little fish,
In a dishy,
Little fish!


G was once a little goose,
Little goose!


H was once a little hen,
Little hen?


I was once a bottle of ink
Blacky minky,
Bottle of ink!


J was once a jar of jam,
Sweety, swammy,
Jar of jam!


K was once a little kite,
Out of sighty,
Little kite!


L was once a little lark,
In the parky,
Little lark!


M was once a little mouse,
In the housy,
Little mouse!


N was once a little needle,
Wisky, wheedly,
Little needle!


O was once a little owl,
Browny fowly,
Little owl!


P was once a little pump,
Dumpy, thumpy,
Little pump!


Q was once a little quail,
Little quail!


R was once a little rose,
Blows-y, grows-y,
Little rose!


S was once a little shrimp,
Jumpy, jimpy,
Little shrimp!


T was once a little thrush,
Flitty, flushy,
Little thrush!


U was once a little urn,
Bubbly, burny,
Little urn!


V was once a little vine,
Little vine!


W was once a whale,
Mighty whale!


X was once a great king Xerxes,
Linxy, lurxy,
Great King Xerxes!


Y was once a little yew,
Growdy, grewdy,
Little yew!


Z was once a piece of zinc,
Tinkly minky,
Piece of zinc!