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conquering my “supposed addictions” …

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In the last few months different folks at different points of time (thankfully) told me that I am getting addicted to 3 things – Facebook, blackberry and drinking … Well I don’t really blame them (their conclusions were based on fairly strong data) but now I can safely say that I have been able to demonstrate over past few weeks and months that I can say bye bye to any/all of 3 whenever I want. Let’s analyze the 3 one by one …

1. Facebook – well I think I joined fb around a year or so back, as far as I remember I was really active on it during world cups – first football and then cricket… I was posting on an avg (I think) around 3-5 updates a day and sometimes I would run live commentary for some matches … So in a way it is fair for someone to assume that the chappie (urs truely) has gone nuts and completely berserk and that my life was revolving around it … But deep down I always knew that it was not the case … The behavior can be interpreted as attention seeking, but did I care about comments of most folks (except maybe 3-5 ppl), the answer is no … So I went on my merry ways till I felt like it and now have said ta-ta to fb when I got bored of it… I have decided (for now) that I will hardly post any updates on it (ofcourse I will read it, just so that I am updated about what others are up to) – for more details please refer to my earlier blog – “why I chose blogging over facebook”

2. Blackberry – I have always been a “kanjoos / aalsi gadget freak” – pls let me clarify – its either kanjoosi or aalsipan that I don’t buy new gadgets – most ppl think its former, I say its latter … Anyways it doesn’t matter. What matters is that when I do get a gadget I use (misuse/abuse may be more apt usage) it to the fullest – that’s the gadget freak part. So the story around blackberry is that I always had a cheap nokia phone that I used to just call ppl or send texts or ofcourse receive their calls or texts. Anyways a year or so ago my company felt that I am important enough/ risen enough in the hierarchy to warrant a blackberry (ahem, ahem – show off show off). Actually my conspiracy theory says that the company figured out that I am “dangerous” for the company if I do any meaningful work, so they gave me a toy to play with n keep busy and also email access so that I can be kept busy with random emails. Anyways I am digressing from the main point. So anyways for whatever reason I got a blackberry from the company around a year or so ago. Obviously I used it as much as anybody can do – did multi tasking, exposed it to heat & dust (not water, research in motion kindly note). I used/ misused/ abused it to the limit. The result was that it broke down 3 times (each time diff defect)… It was fine till it was in the warranty period but when it broke down after the warranty period, the company realised that it is bloody expensive to get it fixed (our office is so kanjoos that we r almost becoming office-less!!!), so spending money on this was a tricky affair. Hence, for nearly a couple of months I was back to my good old nokia ūüėČ – kindly note that I did not even ask/ follow through with anybody to get it fixed/ or to get a new one… And I was very happy with the whole situation. So it kind of proves that I was not addicted to my blackberry – I was actually happier without it.

Anyways just to finish off the story of blackberry – the company I guess realized that I was too happy/ getting too dangerous without a blackberry and so I was given one .. And with my track record of screwing up blackberries, this one has a warranty of 1.5 yrs. ūüôā

3. Drinking – this one is a slightly unusual story – unlike most ppl who start drinking in school/college , I started drinking much later – when I started working. My initial reasoning (which was btw partly correct) was that I was drinking to maintain professional relationships – now that I think about it , it is quite true. My estimate is that 90 percent (could be as high as 95 percent) of drinking was with office folks (although not necessarily for professional reasons). Some things to clarify are that

A. I have never got drunk – partly because I always drink outside home fully conscious of the fact that I need to return home alone using public transport.

B. I was mostly drinking beer – now many ppl don’t even consider it “drinking” (I disagree) – they say “come on its hardly 8 percent alcohol content!”.

C. Most importantly I never really “liked” drinking. I was just drinking for the heck of it. It was like I go out with a bunch of folks and they order drinks and I also drink just like that. Just because everyone was having a good time…

Anyways, never mind all that. Now the situation was that I was at times drinking twice or 3 times a week and a lot of ppl around me who cared for me – parents, friends etc – were getting quite concerned about the whole situation. So they kept on telling me that its getting out of hand and I am becoming a alcoholic. I always used to give them the reasons A and C mentioned above and told that things are under control.

Anyways now its been about a month since I last drank alcohol (beer included, just to be clear). So the million dollar question is that why did I stop – well I stopped because I stopped going out with the bunch of ppl with whom I used to go with earlier. And why did I stop that – well I thought its a waste of time, energy and money. So I have been good and everybody’s kinda happy that I am not drinking too much.

Anyways I feel quite proud that in last few weeks and months I have been able to show folks that I maintain control of my life (and technology / liquor does not influence me). And I have conquered my “supposed addictions”.


best friends and lovers

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Watching the movie “jaane tu ya jaane na” – the movie dabbles with the question – should we marry our best friends/ can a best friend also be a lover. – A question that I have been thinking about for a long time (some years!!!, so u see I am fully entitled to give my well thought of opinion!)

Well what I think is actually quite simple. I’ll just repeat something I told someone – best friend sey shadi nahi karogey/ karogi (u see I don’t want to divulge the sex of the person) toh fir kya dushman sey karogey/karogi…

I think sometimes we just think so much (or are just too egoistic / proud to admit our feelings) and the result is that we act foolishly and atleast some of us regret about what could have been … Mind u I am not saying that the world comes to an end ( am an optimist and think that there are loads of nice ppl around – refer to my post -“being in love” for details) but my hunble opinion is that sometimes best friends also present a good option, which should definitely and explored…

Just a disclaimer – the above obviously does not apply if ur best friend is married ūüėČ – I am definitely not advocating break ppl’s marriages – let the chappie/girlie live in peace ūüôā

office office

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How often have these things happened in ur office ūüôā

albert pinto ko gussa kyun aata hai

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Kindly note that the below post was written while I was very very angry – kindly excuse the profanities and do not read on if u do not want to read a angry angry post (angry young man eh !!!).

Anyways, now that the disclaimer is done and dusted with, here goes the post –

1. “Milions of ppl writ luv lettrs evryday, bt evry1 sends their 1st 1 to me. Imagine hw beautiful I’m.” Said by- A DUST BIN If Evn a dustbin can thnk +ve. Y CAN’T WE??

2. Some people think BLACK colour as sentimentaly Bad. Bt they dont realise that, “Every Black Board makes the Students Bright” -Dr.A.P.J.Kalam

3. Ajeeb hai Na: 100 ka note bahut jyada lagta hai jab garib ko dena ho,bt bahut kam lagta hai jab hotel me hote hai. 3 min mushkil lagte hai upar wale se prarathana karne ko,bt 3 hours ki picture dekhna aasan lagta hai. pure din thakne ke baad jim jane se pareshani nahi hai,but budhe maa-baap ke paas 2 min baithne se neend aati hai. Valentine day par mahnga gift de sakte hai lover ko, par mothers day per maa ko ek rose dena mushkil hai. is massage ko like karna mushkil hai but fijul ke jokes ko click karna achha lagta hai kyuki hum professional hai. Ajeeb hai na.

I read the above 3 messages on a networking site today and got bloody bloody angry – don’t know why but I just got totally totally pissed off – both on the people posting these messages and on those hundreds of people liking these …

Frankly folks, GET A LIFE… I am just so seriously sick of all the crappy updates of ppl – indulging in arm chair activism , giving gyaan, writing senti messages … I hate them …truly and totally hate them.

Here are my humble comments on these 3 messages –

Boss if u r taking inspiration from a bloody dustbin then pls don’t mind my saying that ur a bloody loser… Just fyi – a dustbin can’t “think” – and I think that u also can’t, u moron…

I don’t care a damn about black boards or white boards – some schools have started using white boards and markers I guess (if not they should, so that there is an end to this crappy message). I respect the kalaam dude but I am sure he said more sensible things than this …

And the third message is just too much – seriously there is height of cribbing n acting all smart assy and passing judgement on other ppl’s actions … Btw I think that someone who posted it (and also those who like it) are all people with a guilty conscience which is just getting reflected in this message. I seriously don’t get what the person posting it is trying to say – shall we stop enjoying life ? Well, if yes then all I want to say is phock u. I shall continue to splurge money on nice food, I shall go out and watch a movie and I shall crack shady jokes – let me see who can stop me… As far as liking this message is concerned – dude(tte) u must be totally and totally nuts, go fly a kite …

Maybe its a thursday midnight and its been a long day/ week and I am too tired and all angry but I seriously sometimes feel like writing a nasty comment to those who post and “like” these good for nothing rubbish messages … Anyways for now I shall act polite and refrain from mud slinging in the public forums and just humbly request them to get a life but a day is not far when I shall write on their messages (in bold capital letters) – PHOCK YOU, U LOSERS …

I have forgotten ki albert pinto ko gussa kyun aata hai, but I guess u guys know ki yours truely ko gussa kyun aata hai ūüôā

bengali alphabet… funny read :)

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Came across this in a old mail. Ofcourse no offence meant to anyone ūüėČ

 A is for Awpheesh (as in Office). This is where the average Kolkakatan
¬†goes and spends a day hard at work. And if he works for the ‘Vest Bengal
¬†Gawrment’ he will arrive at 10, wipe his forehead till 11, have a tea break
 at 12, throw around a few files at 12.30, break for lunch at 1, smoke the
 7th unfiltered cigarette at 2, break for 5th cup of tea at 3, sleep sitting
¬†down at 4 and go home at 4:30. It’s a hard life!

¬†B is for Bhision. For some reason many Bengalis don’t have good bhision.
 In fact in Kolkata most people are wearing spectacles all the
¬†time….Bhishon Bhalo and Bibhotso…. though means opposite …used for
¬†same situations.. .depending on the Beauty of fairer sex…are close
¬†…almost in a tie for second spot….

 C is for Chappell. Currently, this is the Bengali word for the Devil, for
 the worst form of evil. In the night mothers put their kids to
 sleep saying,
¬†‘Na ghumoley ebar Chappell eshey dhorey niye jabe.’

 D is for Debashish or any other name starting with Deb. By an ancient law
 every fourth Bengali Child has to be named Debashish. So you have a
 Debashish everywhere and trying to get creative they are also called Deb,
 Debu, Deba with variations like Debopriyo, Deboprotim, Debojyoti, etc.
¬†thrown in at times….as creations of God himself !!

 E is for Eeesh. This is a very common Bengali exclamation made famous by
 Aishwarya Rai in the movie Devdas. It is estimated that on an average a
¬†Bengali, especially Bengali women, use eeesh 10,089 times every year. ‘Ei
¬†Morechhey’ is a close second to Eeesh.

 F is for Feeesh. These are creatures that swim in rivers and seas and are
 a favourite food of the Bengalis. Despite the fact that a fish market has
 such strong smells, with one sniff a Bengali knows if a fish is all right.
¬†If not, he will say ‘eeesh what feeesh is theesh!’

 G is for Good name. Every Bengali boy will have a good name like
 Debashish or Deboprotim and a pet name like Motka, Bhombol, Thobla, etc.
 While every Bengali girl will have pet names like Tia, Tuktuki, Mishti,
 Khuku, et cetera.
¬†……Ghama. ..comes closed second….used specifically for attractive

 H is for Harmonium. This Bengali equivalent of a rock guitar. Take four
 Bengalis and a Harmonium and you have the successors to The Bheatles! HEAVY
¬†is a close second….used mercilessly. ..e.g…. Heavy Halka….Halka means

 I is for Ileesh. This is a feeesh with 10,987 bones which would kill any
 ordinary person, but which the Bengalis eat with releeesh!

 J is for Jhola. No selfrespecting Bengali is complete without his Jhola.
 It is a shapeless cloth bag where he keeps all his belongings and
 he fits an
 amazing number of things in. Even as you read this there are two million
 jholas bobbling around Kolkata, and they all look exactly the same! Note
¬†that ‘Jhol’with mysterious condiments.. . as in Maachher Jhol is a close
 second. Jhaamela and Jachhetai are distant 3rd and 4th

 K is for Kee Kaando! It used to be the favourite Bengali exclamation till
¬†eeesh took over because of Aishwarya Rai (now Kee Kando’s agent is
 trying to
 hire Bipasha Basu).Kee mushkil, Kelor Kirti and kenchiye gechhe are
 variations of similar sentiments

 L is for Lungi, the dress for all occasions. People in Kolkata manage to
 play football and cricket wearing it not to mention the daily trip in the
 morning to the local bajaar. Now there is talk of a lungi expedition to Mt
 M is for Minibaas. These are dangerous half buses whose antics would
 effortlessly frighten the living daylights out of all James Bond
 stuntmen as
 well as Formula 1 race car drivers.

 N is for Nangto. This is the Bengali word for Naked. It is the most
 interesting naked word in any language!

 O is for Oil. The Bengalis believe that a touch of mustard oil will cure
 anything from cold (oil in the nose), to earache (oil in the ear), to cough
 (oil on the throat) to piles (oil you know where!).

 P is for Phootball. This is always a phavourite phassion of the
 Every Bengali is born an expert in this game. The two biggest clubs there
 are MOHUNBAGAN and East Bengal and when they play the city comes to a stop.

 Q is for Queen. This really has nothing to do with the Bengalis or
¬†Kolkata, but it’s the only Q word I could think of at this moment. There’s
 also Quilt but they never use them in Kolkata. Oh yes, Q is also for
 Koshchen (question) Mamatadi koshchens Cheap Ministaar in Writaars Buiding.

 R is for Robi Thakur. Many many years ago Rabindranath got the Nobel
 This has given the right to all Bengalis no matter where they are to frame
 their acceptance speeches as if they were directly related to the
 great poet
 and walk with their head held high. This also gives Bengalis the birthright
¬†to look down at Delhi and Mumbai and of course ‘all non-Bengawlees’ ! Note
¬†that ‘Rawshogolla’ comes a close second!
S is for Shourav. Well they finally produced a genuine cricketer and a
 captain, Bengalis think that he should have been allowed to play until he is 70 years old. Of course they would have seen to it that he stayed in good
¬†form by doing a little bit of ‘jawggo’ and ‘maanot’.

 T is for Trums. Hundred years later there are still trums in Kolkata. Of
¬†course if you are in a hurry it’s faster to walk….Trams are
 still existing
¬†in Paris too…….you see !

 U is for Aambrela. When a Bengali baby is born he is handed one.

 V is for Bhaayolence. Bengalis are the most non-violent violent people
 around. When an accident happens they will fold up their sleeves, shout and
¬†scream and curse and abuse, “Chherey De Bolchhi” but the last time someone
 actually hit someone was in 1979.

 W is for Water. For three months of the year the city is underwater and
 every year for the last 200 years the authorities are taken by surprise by

¬†X is for X’mas. It’s very big in Kolkata, with Park Street fully lit up
 and all Bengalis agreeing that they must eat cake that day.

 Y is for Yesshtaarday. Which is always better than today for a Bengali
 (see R for Robi Thakur)?. It is also for Jubraj Shingh, Jajubendra Shingh
 and Joga.

 Z is for Jebra, Joo, Jipper and Jylophone

Awargee … remembering the times when we were so jobless :)

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Read a 6 year old email trail today from my mba batch mail /group today – made me really nostalgic remembering the days when we were so carefree, vella and shady … There were around 50 or more emails exchanged – ppl were generally pulling each others leg, getting emotional, passing smart comments, cribbing, being sarci n god knows what all… I only had a very small contribution (I was only a side actor with a small role in this case, some others played the leading parts).
Let me share the email trial (with subject and date/time), in case anyone wants to read the shady discussions that we all had (boy those were fun). Some things to be aware of –

1. Some things can be offensive to females (it all started with a female taking offense to a shady remark sent by a guy)
2. Names have been taken off, they are replaced by two letter initials, my mentions are written as “yours truely” – in line with my anonymity policy
3. There is loads of sarcasm n ppl pulling others leg, smart ass comments and ppl getting senti
4. It is written in english and hindi, so in case u don’t understand hindi, you’ll miss half the fun
5. The whole objective is to show how jobless n vella we all were – or how much awaragee was there then ūüėČ

Here is the email trail in case u want to read (don’t mind there are too many mails in this, we were just so jobless) –
Subject: bas AS ki yaad a gayi

SU: Fri Feb 11, 2005 4:12 pm

Woh Goa trip during summers…

GA and KA know the details…I won’t tell

 magar tell u what guys, KA and GA,

 I still miss those 2 months maan,

 woh khatmal, woh chowpatty ka beach,

 woh marine drive pe long walks,

 woh SY ka phenkna aur humara lapetna

 woh SO ke saath dinner,

 woh SW ke saath bas bakar karna,

 woh AS ki taang khinchna

¬†aur woh dhakkan warden wilson college hostel ka…

¬†woh GA ka style se sootta marna aur share karna…

 woh shaam ko (dhaabe ka naam bhool gaya) khaane jaana aur khaake beach pe baithke bakar karna

¬†-bhool raha hoon -budha¬† ho gaya hoon…


SO: Feb 12, 2005 11:41 am

SU…kitna natak kar rahe ho bhaisaab…shaadi shudha ho

ab, ghar jaao, aaraam karo…!!


p.s. waise those crabs we gorged on for dinner WERE AWESOME, rgt!!

Mumbai folks-do chk out Mahesh lunch Home near UTI

Bank,Fountain. ..awesome sea food…!!


An My dear dear friends who hve missed me(must def be a handful I

guess), the last few weeks(3 to be precise!!) I’ve been in n out of

euphoria, elation,anticipatio n, shock, sadness, depression, mood

swings,rages, every damn emotion under the sun n to make it worse, all

on the personal front..


But bottomline remains- am ok, livin, breathin a trifle easier now (or

so I wud like to believe) n lemme sort out a couple of more things at

hand n I can get in touch with you as my old, usual self..


Keep up the prayers though..:)..


Subject: Re: bas AS ki yaad a gayi ( Rated 15)


KA: Feb 14, 2005 1:57 pm

Hi SO,

You wrote:

An My dear dear friends who hve missed me(must def be a handful I
> guess), the last few weeks(3 to be precise!!) I’ve been in n out of
> euphoria, elation,anticipatio n, shock, sadness, depression, mood
> swings,rages, every damn emotion under the sun n to make it worse, all
> on the personal front..

Although I know this belongs to the gmail but can’t resist : It is
called PMS right???????


AN:  Feb 14, 2005 2:27 pm

good one! and yeah, i’d call it that, for sure.


SU:  Feb 14, 2005 2:31 pm

Although I know this belongs to the gmail but can’t resist

3 weeks for PMS …KA u gone nuts —bhai ek hafte se zyada hai to problem hai…


he he he


AM: Feb 15, 2005 12:07 am

Hey guys,

¬†at times even am party to all these pranks..and silly jokes etc…but i think we all know where to draw that line. just a request lets not show so blatantly that we dont care for others.




KA: Feb 15, 2005 11:45 am

Hi AM,

Mea culpa.

Thanks for pointing that out.

The next time around I will “subtlely” tell the people that I do not
care from them.

Will not repeat this.


SO:  Feb 14, 2005 2:41 pm

Hi KA,

Knowing this is the GMail grp(my deepest apologies to all) but also
realisin u cudn’t resist a dig(irrespective of whether or not my mail
was genuine..or not..)…so hataoing the traditional parda of haya for
a minute…here goes…

Yups..FYI, all those symptoms CAN togeder be called PMS..but thts NOT
a universal phenomenon n it wasn’t that in MY case at least..TRust

But also realised one more thing…this forum is indeed MORE for
either sharing some hotshot gyaan(professional/ otherwise) or for
person-bashin/ taang kheechoin than nethin else…

My thinkin I cud use it reach out to all my friends
together, those who cud perhaps be worried abt my absence frm the
circuit for quite sometime now…n wud appreciate my tellin them how
damn pathetic my life had been the past few weeks…

Thx budd, some amazin “gyaan” I got on V’Day..

So much for huntin for tht “wonderful” VDay card to send to folks someone once said…at least HERE, “who cares”…rgt..

KA:  Feb 15, 2005 11:43 am

Hi SO,

Mea Culpa.

I am sorry for hurting you. Will refrain from doing so.


SO: Feb 15, 2005 2:42 pm

Its OKAY KA…really. ..

An for those who got back to me…thx for those concern-points.
truly touched..

An thx to your good wishes(applicable to “jinke the”), life’s lookin
up a bit nowadays…

Hve a nice day..

SU: Feb 14, 2005 3:24 pm

yeh -rated 15- kya hai…

SU: Feb 14, 2005 3:25 pm

maar diya goli SO ne ;-))

>>>For all your “Serious and not so serious dirt & filth” and its
definitions please visit & send mails to your very own google group:

he he he


GA Feb 14, 2005 3:29 pm

Phock u


NI: Feb 14, 2005 3:36 pm
Bhai tum log kyun is grp pe gandh machate rehte ho?
jitni bhadaas nikalni hai google grp pe nikalo na – the membership
is voluntary thr – jo bolna hai bolo, jo karna hai karo…

btw is somebody willing to become the moral police here? I dont hv
good net access nowadays so cant do much of moderation.. .

also if somebody can put up polls on whether moderation is required
for all messages etc – s/he is welcome to do so… though I
seriously do not belive much in polls etc – doesnt work in most
cases due to inadequate representation. ..

VI: Feb 16, 2005 8:46 am Moderating such a group defies the purpose of the group.. Let the
group be a “laissez faires” one.

That apart, I believe NI has a given us a valuable suggestion and
its high time the “bitchers & cribbers” should move out and let the
PGP group be in peace.

best regards

AN: Feb 16, 2005 3:09 pm

PGP 20xx – (“bitchers”+”cribbers”) = ?

i’d say 0


Yours Truely: Feb 16, 2005 3:21 pm

i think its a global phenomenon — so according to me :

world population (excluding babies and very small kids) –
(“bitchers”+”cribbers”) = 0. don’t think i can think of anybody who
doesn’t bitch or crib … guess its quite natural in a world which is
full of inequalities. ..

AN: Feb 16, 2005 3:50 pm

do ya really think had there been more equity in the world there’d be less bitchin n cribbin?

why ppl wd’ve zimbly bitched and/or cribbed abt the equity


SU: Feb 15, 2005 9:28 am

bhai kaye ko bakar kar rahe ho…

jisko respect dena hai woh dega, jisko lena hai lega…

¬†25 saal ke umar mein agar logon ko tum e-mail, batch-mail manners sikhaoge to¬†stupid cheez hai…abhi unko pata nahin hai to kya karen…abhi woh sikhna na chahen to kya karen

¬†baaki sensitivity ki baat kar rahe ho to… bhool jao – hamare batch mein sensitivity ke naam pe khaali bakar chalta hai, har koi har kisiski maarne mein laga rehta hai…u may deny ke yeh hai woh hai…magar sach to yehi hai ke hamare batch mein saare¬†doosron ka watt lagake¬†mazze lete hain…

¬†tum bol sakte ho ke taang khinchna watt lagane ke barabar nahin hai…to aur kya hai- bas degree hi to alag hai…mazze lo

¬†baaki ¬†SO if u r trying to reach out to people thru yahoogrp, good idea but not very successful isn’t it…

me speaking from experience- even tho I try to reach out to ppl in the yahoogrp, i am, every time, just made to reshape my intentions.. .

 unsolicited advice for you- reach out on personal mails-ppl in our batch are not that stupid and insensitive personally but when it comes to yahoogrp, they just behave as if they are on the verge of getting the best award for being so rude and insensitive on the batchmail-me included depending on the circumstances.     

aur baaki sab thik chal raha hoga…

¬†newly married ones honeymoon mein honge, slightly older ones in marriage, extended honeymoon mein honge, unmarried engaged ones soch rahe honge ke first night mein kya kya hota hai…aur khaali unmarried ones intezaar mein honge ke alls good with this world aur humsafar ki talaash mein honge ….

¬†lagey raho all…¬†¬†¬†

¬†bangalore is very hot(climate) in summer…¬†


AN: (message Repeated 3 times) Feb 15, 2005 11:36 am


 you forgot one category Рunmarried, live-in ppl who are on a perpetual honeymoon since the last decade.



SU: Feb 15, 2005 11:40 am

wokie… :))

AN: (message repeated 2 times) Feb 15, 2005 11:43 am

hmm…so-orry ppl. for sending every mail 3-4 times. blame it on the fricken laptop who’s touchpad i’m not quite used to…

SU: Feb 15, 2005 11:48 am

oye band kar yaar ‘mea culpa’ series


¬†thoda jyaada senti ho¬†jayenge log idhar…¬†

 Subject:  of KA and other nuisances

RH: Wed Feb 16, 2005 11:40 am


 yesterday I shut down my office PC at 10.30 PM. It was a welcome change since from Saturday till Monday I could not leave before midnight. Irritation level keep rising and one can only see excel sheets on closing the eyes.

¬†Speaking only for myself, I whole heartedly welcome the ‘nuisances’ like playing with words and simple bantering. KA never had a mean bone (no pun intended) in his body as I knew him in college. And yeah, he is a total nuisance…breaking down barriers of¬†‘civil’ behaviour and speaking nothing but the truth, no matter who is around and how important.¬†“A” section people will remember his in-famous “I want to urinate sir” in P. Mishra’s class.

¬†The point is that no harm is meant through these. Of course a section of¬†people can withdraw from the yahoo group and restrict themselves to google. But then are we not force-fitting certain behavioural norms into this group? Is this group is only meant for updating cell number changes, marriages, academic gyan and other ‘strictly necessary’ bits of data?¬† Look at the kind of diversity we have here presently! SO reached out to people through this group. JA sent her lovely marriage pics. SU keeps reminding people of his name. KP keeps sending mails not intended for the batch. AN sends the same mail 15 times just to bug people. AM asserts his global Class Representative tag.”Yours Truely” and GA keeps pushing the knowledge fronts. BH endeavors to set up a quiz club. TA keeps pouring water on his ambitions. And KA gives a great kick by just being KA.

 Guys, do you really want to break this community up into subject-wise verticals? Wouldnt that be terrible?

¬†SO, am sure¬† you don’t mind leg pulling by friends. We will also be there to catch you if you fall : )

And AM, when was¬†YOU non-blatant, baby? ūüėČ


Awaiting brick bats,



SA: Feb 16, 2005 12:40 pm

U’re rite RH…the ‘A’ section ppl will never forget it ūüėÄ

AB: Feb 16, 2005 12:49 pm

There was once this real dumbass kid.

That stupid kid had a couple of dumbass kid pals.

And so it went on till they were a huge motley gang of dumbass kid people.

 So how the hell do you block me?



AM: Feb 16, 2005 12:56 pm

¬†tujhey main aur brickbats dunga…

 what i only meant was that there definitely is a fine line between what needs to be posted on group and what not!

bakki main subtle hu ya blatant hu..kya farak parta hai…

aur RH tu ruk..tu mere subtle issues group pe discuss karta hai…

 VI: Feb 16, 2005 1:19 pm

Oops!! dont get me wrong, The request for withdrawal is definitely not
for people who create harmless “nuisance” and definitely not for ppl
like RH!.

Its for the Harmful kinds, who are prone to outbursts that insults ppl
in and outside the group.
As an analogy (any resemblance is a coincidence) , if u wanna
question/crack jokes on someones character, there must definitely be
ppl who wanna hear it but that was not the reason we formed this

The point is, safeguarding the objectives and basic rights of the group…

best regards


NI: Feb 16, 2005 1:32 pm

Well, i guess the matter is again up for discussion.. .

The point i would like to make clear once again is that in this group
(Yahoo group) the membership was not voluntary – we want everybody to
be a member of this group for batch announcements or other important
matters – I cant think of instances, but that was the purpose – if
people start feeling offended due to constant leg pulling or mailing
stuff which is considered indecent by some – they would actually sign
out from the group – even sending too many unnecessary mails does tht,
and I agree I have been a guilty party too in that sense, but the
point is – people are signing out, unsubscribing. .. you people wont
notice it – coz I dunno whether any of u ever check the membership
size of the group… try it out – its not 120, and it was at point of

RH I frankly do not understand the meaning of all those Orgn Behavioral terms –
behavioural norms and force fitting and all, but I do know everybody
knows whts decent to a certain extent – the views differ – but there
has to be some common baseline.
and for people who want a forum to freak out – there is a separate grp
– join tht and freak out as much as u want – if u want i will create
another yahoo group for the same if u find using google grp a bit too

Also – AB and SH – it is possible to moderate individual
messages – it is also possible to block individual messages… I did
tht some time earlier – for certain mails but i stopped it when people
started freaking out with all the no moral policing and freedom to
speech stuff…

I have been trying to rope in the people who have quit the group back
in, but please do realise that I have no personal stakes in that and I
should not even care…

this is just my point of view – as i said – the matter is up for discussion.. .
but i also believe that discussion and voting would not necessarily
lead to any resolution.. .

RU: Feb 16, 2005 1:55 pm

abe jisko deregister karna hai kar le jaake…koi kisi ke liye ruka nahi hein…nautanki hein kya saale…

waise mereko context pata nahi…but if this meant offence to anyone, then this was meant to be offensive. I would be personally glad if people took offence.



NI: Wed Feb 16, 2005 2:51 pm

Areey gazab – tumne itni lambi mail ko padh bhi liya???
sahi time paas kar rahe ho bhai – ye infy chalti kaise hai?


Yours truely: Wed Feb 16, 2005 2:56 pm

waisey hi jaisey chal rahi hai (btw i am quite surprised ki chal
rahi hai ;-)) )

AB: Wed Feb 16, 2005 1:56 pm

Et tu philistine!

¬†I dont intend to block anybody. And I defintely wasn’t asking the worl how to do it.

 All I can say is Рet tu philistine!

 Presque vu?


SU: Wed Feb 16, 2005 2:26 pm

bakar karen to problem hai…

bakar na karke funda de to problem hai

¬†chup raho to bhi problem hai…

¬†I am addicted to the yahoogrp…


 Catch 22 eh! AB :))


AB: Wed Feb 16, 2005 2:36 pm

Ah now its deja vu!

¬†U bet it is SU ūüėČ

 SO: Wed Feb 16, 2005 3:13 pm

Well…a lot of water has flown under the bridge but lemme also sail
my entitled 2 drops to it..

See mere do paise ka opinion says this – its ok to be cheeky, its grt
to be funny, but only so far as 2 make us all chuckle/smile. .or mayb
giggle n guffaw..n NEVER at the expense of someone else’s
discomfort/hurt. ..But of course as the famous Mr.IB used to say, “its
a dog eat dog world” aft all, so I can’t really expect ppl to be
empathetic, leave alone sympathetic. .n NOT do such stuff, coz hve
realised how vital it is for some unfortunate beings(NOT directed at
ANY1 in particular) to show the rest of us how damn “witty” or
“smart”(minus the ‘ass’ for am tryin to send a PG-rated mail here..)
they are…

An answerin your quesn RH,thx for the offer bhidu n seriously
speakin,I don’t really mind any leg-pulling as such but when the water
gets above your head, esp when u hve just saved yourself frm 1 kinda
drownin,albeit in a diff pond, u can’t help but scream, right..!!

So not takin further offence(waise bhi KA se koi bhi zyada der tak
naaraaz nahi reh sakta n he had no idea wht I was goin thru)..

Ummeed hai baaki sab kushal-mangal honge..n keep up the chirpin, as
long as its not turnin into a painful cacophony..

Subject: of KA and other nuisances – paarteekoolaarlee for SO

AN: Wed Feb 16, 2005 5:27 pm

¬†1. ” its ok to be cheeky, its grt
to be funny, but only so far as 2 make us all chuckle/smile. .or mayb
giggle n guffaw” – that’s like asking all the artists in the world to conform. we’d not have any of the joys given us by literature, movies, fashion, art, music if everyone was trying to please everyone else or even their own ‘community’. i hear all those “we’re not artists or authors or photographers, just poor ol managers-to- be.hence, not applicable to us”. okie, take a ‘corporate’ example. does microsoft please everyone? does it bother? isn’t it out there? somewhere, occupying everyone’s space?¬†if you crib will it listen? does it bother? buy it, ignore it, whatever, upto you, really. likewise. does bother when farting that they’re fouling up the rest of earth’s air? ridiculous really. perspective is what we all need here.

¬†2. its really wierd to write a batchmail saying “my friends” or “my college group” or “to those who’re interested” etc. everyone’s getting it. everyone knows their own interest levels. leave it to them they’ll know what to do. if you get responses you never solicited, well they did not solicit your mail either. too bad. why not just spare the others of your miseries? i’m sure everyone has plenty of their own. write in the names of your pals in the place whish says “To:”, or do you really have so many that its painful?

3. no one’s trying to eat dogs here. nor is anyone a dog. the world wd be a nicer place if everyone was, true.

¬†4. i’m no moderator or anything, but it really gets sickening when ppl do the ‘hurt & senti’

 5. whatever, ppl!


AM: Wed Feb 16, 2005 5:48 pm

 i think our dear group has successful arrived at a solution. or is it still a wishful thinking!

as KA summarises.. .


1. first SO sends a mail..

¬†2. then KA tries to pull her leg…

 3. then SO sounds as if she is offended (we have to get a confirmation from her on this step.)

 4. NI and tries to restore order (though am sure before typing that mail he must be laughing lous!)

 5. AM, as RH has said, tries to assert his Global Class Representative tag.

 6. KA sends an unconditional apology.

 7. SO accepts it.

¬†i think at this point issue should have closed. but…

¬†8. … our single x rated CEO chips in (we do recognise that he kept chipping in at certain points of time)

 9. god knows what happened..but due to late hours at office my dear friend RH farted..and then he sends me a mail.

10. RU also wakes up.

 11. AN replies to RH mail

¬†12. SO again shares some “do paise walla gyan”..btw infy itna saste mein gyan deta hai.. (EY is costliest!!)

¬†13. AN has written again something… which i must admit i read…

 14. this last step is for the miscellaneous contribution which we got from SH, , AB, etc.

 15. i acknowledge AN for giving me the idea of writing this mail.

 16. its close to 1800 hours and i am going for a movie.

 17. kal subh milta hu..hope 17-18 mails par ke phir 20-21 point walli mail likhua.


 Global Class Representative.

P.S. “yawn”

Yours Truely : Wed Feb 16, 2005 5:57 pm

but why didn’t u reply to that mail, pls understand that i want all
the mails of the same topic together, that’s the purpose of google
account, so u must now apologise for the discomfort that u have caused
me (and then perhaps we can again start the entire chain of events
that u mentioned again, with a diff set of players ofcourse ) ūüėČ

 SH: Wed Feb 16, 2005 6:00 pm

AM between 15 and 16 u read all the mails again and¬†assimilated them to come up with this point based analysis ūüėȬ†


RU: Wed Feb 16, 2005 6:15 pm

¬†This clearifies the context…I was unware of the sequence of events and the story behind…

My last mail was not related to whatever transpired betwen KA and SO…it was directed towards some people who always have given an impression that they were the moral watchdogs… lest it creates confusion… hence this disclaimer.. .the mail was meant to offend that clan of hypocrites.. .

aur AB…ek reddy ki dawaa chahiye…MVROFY. ..somehow its out of the market…if you can arrange for some…I would be glad to pay. I require it.\



NI: Thu Feb 17, 2005 8:54 am

oye naam le, bus tu bata kaun hain wo log…
itni jyaada hypocrisy ab nahi chalne dunga…
death to the hypocrites – lets do some hypocrisy policing from now onwards…


SO: Fri Feb 18, 2005 9:39 am

All points taken, AN..I’ll stick to my philosophy n you stick to I can’t “ask the artists to conform”, I can’t be “asked to
conform” to the “cudn’t care less” bunch of norms…

The hatchets(if thr was the barest trace of one..) hve been buried
deep within the ground LONG back…at least between the 2 main
initiators of this long-running magnum opus..;)..!!

And your summary was DELIGHTFUL AM..:).. .!!Lage raho..

An while we are at this Quesns-Answers thing, thot I can send this Fwd..!!


AN: Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:14 am


 why ask KA to conform?

 yeah, yeah. all hatchets always buried.


AM: Fri Feb 18, 2005 10:22 am

“all hatchets always buried”…means we wont be “brain stroming” anymore or any further here…

pl clarify lest NI should close this group for want of agenda!


Subject: of KA and other nuisances – for RH, paarteekoolaarlee

AN: Wed Feb 16, 2005 3:25 pm

beloved RH,

 was really touched to see mention of me in your mail.

¬†do ya really think i NEED to send the same mail many times over to bug ppl? just my existence in the universe, my having ‘touched’ ppls’ lives/crossed their paths¬†at some point, just any ol mail from me reminding them of my existence, i think, wd suffice.

 besides 2 more things. am really NOT comfy wiv touchpad of laptop. AND i get to brag in front of like 120 ppl that i have a laptop. think of these two possibilities. as long as they incl the laptop, my purpose is served.

 and ppl irritated.

¬†luv ya always…as ever.


looking up to the guy

Posted on Updated on

I was talking to one of my friends today and what I realized was that the females really have this fixation with tall chappies – I know some ppl reading this are females n they r getting ready to beat me up in case I write anything shady about them, and frankly I am scared of them so I will refrain from writing anything shady … Instead let me try and step back (not physically – I am not standing on anybody’s foot, just to make my situation clear) and try and do a decent analysis of this whole “phenomenon”…

So the first question is – is this true – are females really into taller guys? well they do say that females like “tall”, dark and handsome folks – nobody talks of a midgets/ shorties. Apart from that, based on a rather limited interaction (ah what modesty) that I have had with females I think atleast some females that I know are definitely more into the “taller” guys – and mind you these are really really smart females n not the superficial types (I need to praise them or I get beaten up)… So I think we have enuf evidence to conclude that females r indeed into taller guys. A random thought – do females also like the movie godzilla (remember “size does matter”, no dirty thoughts pls). Need to check it as well !!!. Anyways let me not digress…

Now the next point to ponder is that why does this exist – why do females prefer taller men … Do they think that taller men are more evolved – that’s unlikely – some of the “shorties” – I would have liked to call them shorts, but since I am not calling the taller chaps “trousers”, so I shall refrain from calling short chappies as “shorts”. Anyways what I was saying was that shorties can be quite smart, successful and ambitious.

Next possible reason could have been that maybe females are fascinated by basketball players (who’re quite tall) but atleast in india ppl prefer cricket to basketball and the “god” of cricket is not too tall… So sports has clearly got nothing to do with it.

Most successful moviestars are also short – so even bollywood has nothing to do with it. So what can it be???

The most feasible explanation was actually provided by a dear friend (a female, so ofcourse she knows the reason) to me today – her argument was that females like tall men as they like to look “up” to their man … They don’t want to look “down” upon them (literally she meant, even though I am sure many females do look down upon even the tall chappies ūüė¶ … Boo hoo )… She was like we look “down” upon shorties and feel like scolding them like kids but with tall chappies we look “up” to them with a expression – “oh my hero”. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this probably is happening all the time. This also explains some of the shady looks I have seen some females give to some shorties …

So what does it mean for u if you r a shorty guy – well it doesn’t mean that u can’t impress women – ofcourse you can , it’s just that u need to be like shahrukh khan, tom cruise or sachin tendulkar and females will be all over you – until them its advantage tall chaps…

PS – ofcourse I consider myself to be a tall chappie ūüôā